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According to its past trends, Apple launches new iPhone models every September. It is the beginning of August and there are rumors, of course, about how the latest new iPhone 11 looks like. On the other hand, Iphone XR, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have been released for almost a year. If you’re a big fan of Apple, you should notice that the iPhone Xr is priced far more affordable than the iPhone Xs series. Although it is a cheaper smartphone compared to the iPhone Xs, it still works “Brilliant. In every way,” Apple claimed. Undoubtedly, iPhone Xs and Xs Max offer the features and materials “to the extreme.” But in terms of the sales, iPhone Xr seems to dominate its sales out of other products. 


iPhone Xr vs iPhone Xs

What makes Catalyst's cases superior to others?

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iPhone Xr vs iPhone Xs

Without doubt, the biggest reason that iPhone Xr sold better than Xs may be mainly due to its price and functionality. Apple’s iPhone XR is priced at $749 while iPhone Xs is priced at $999. In terms of functionality, iPhone Xr offers similar functions to an iPhone Xs, it both have an edge-to-edge display but it uses a Liquid Retina LCD instead of OLED displays. Xr has a larger display compared to an iPhone 8 Plus, but in a smaller body that falls between 5.8-inch iPhone XS and the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max. The iPhone XR uses the same TrueDepth camera system that's in the iPhone XS with faster, more efficient Face ID facial recognition for unlocking your device, making Apple Pay payments, and more. It comes in 6 colours option - white, black, blue, coral, yellow, and product red.

With the glass body, Qi-based wireless charging is supported, and the device features IP67 water resistance for keeping it safe from splashes and spills. Speaking of water resistance, Catalyst Case produces the best waterproof cases in the industry. Our team at Catalyst are experts on IP ratings. For those of you out of the loop, this refers to a standard of protection against tiny materials and particles from outside your device. A rating of IP67 means that the iPhone Xr has been tested to withstand splash, water, and dust in a laboratory setting. This typically means 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. As such, the iPhone Xr doesn’t quite meet the waterproof limits of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. This puts it at about the same level of resistance as the previous iPhone X and perhaps more than the iPhone 8 or 7. 

While the iPhone XR is thought to be “brilliant” all around, it doesn’t promise complete protection from the elements. You’ll find that beyond most dust, splashes, and 1 meter of water for a short period, you should also consider a case to protect your $749 investment. A little bit of water damage may very well throw you and your iPhone XR off the deep end.


What makes Catalyst's cases superior to others?

Catalyst offers a Waterproof Case for the iPhone XR which increases the IEC rating from an IP67 to an IP68. This means that your device will be safe from water damage even when it is submerged in up to 33 feet or 10 meters of water. It also gives protection from drops of up to 6.6 feet or 2 meters high. Catalyst is known for preserving the superior acoustic performance of your Apple device and, consequently, the brand’s patented True Sound Acoustic Technology™ and rotating mute switch. The case also has hard-coated dual optical lens that is fully sealed from snow, dirt and dust. The integrated screen protector provides perfect touch sensitivity while the clear case showcases the phone's stylish design.The case is available in Stealth Black. 

Catalyst also offers another kind of protective case which is the Catalyst Impact Protection Case for the iPhone XR. This case protects your device from drops of up to 9.9 feet or 3 meters in height. The added protection comes from the case’s innovative truss cushioning system combined with a proprietary rubber polymer blend. Its other key features include a grippy rubber bumper, a (free) premium lanyard attachment, rotating mute switch and clear back case. The design also features a raised bezel that protects the device’s screen. Even with all the added protection, the case sports an open port that gives unobstructed access to the charging port. The rear camera is also sealed and protected to keep out dust and debris. The slim, protective case protects your iPhone from scratches and drops and still keeps the device fully compatible with Wireless Charging. This variant is available in three colors: Stealth Black, Clear and Blueridge Sunset. This Catalyst case is designed to be your iPhone XR’s best defense for everyday urban adventures.

Go check out how an iPhone Xr with Catalyst Impact Case would survive a TWENTY FOOT DROP now!

The case survived a 20ft drop, face down on a cracked tile floor, followed by a two-pound steel ball bearing being dropped on the case attempting to break the phone. Of the 10 participating case brands, Catalyst was the slimmest case and the only one without a screen protector that survived the ball bearing test!


Catalyst is available in more than 70 countries around the world and major retailers including Apple, Best Buy, Verizon, Virgin Megastores, Harvey Norman, Yodobashi and Bic Camera.

The Ultimate Case for the Ultimate Device.

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