20ft Drop Test with Catalyst Impact Protection Case for iPhone XR - Highlights from CNET's Best Case Scenario at CES 2019

We’re excited to have been part of CNET’s Best Case Scenario drop test at CES 2019. Our case exceeded our drop specifications over twice the rating. Not only was our Impact Protection Case for iPhone XR one of the last four finalists in the competition, it was the also the slimmest case and the only one without a screen protector. This success demonstrates both the elegance and durability of our case, giving your devices the ultimate protection against drops. See the highlights from the competition in the video below! Our case protected not only from a 4 foot and 10 foot drop, but also a 20 foot drop and an impact from a solid steel ball bearing dropped from 4 feet!

Check out this great recap of the competitions from iMore

These cases survived a 20ft drop and a 2lb pressure punch without a screen protector

You can also watch the full competition (SPOILER: no case survives the 20 foot impact from the metal ball bearing):

Who holds the title of toughest iPhone XR case at CES 2019?


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