Protecting Your Apple AirPods 2nd Generation

After 3 years, Apple has finally launched their 2nd Generation AirPods. The invention of these wireless earphones has greatly resolved the problems with all the wired headphones. Although the latest second generation AirPods look the same on the outside compared to the first generation, their functionality has been upgraded. Minimal improvements include higher-quality sound, more talk time, and support for voice-activated Siri access. But… it’s not waterproof or water-resistant... yet.

Second Generation AirPods

Perks of having a Protective AirPods Case

How to choose a case for Apple AirPods 2nd generation?

The Ultimate Waterproof AirPods Case

Second Generation AirPods

Regarding the new AirPods’ appearance, the wireless charging case overall looks the same with a couple of minor changes: 

  • The LED indicator positioned on the front instead of the inside. This design makes it much easier to see if the AirPods are charging or fully charged at a glimpse.
  • The press button is set in the center rather than near the bottom. 
  • The metal hinge is matte instead of polished.

In relation to the technology aspect, 2nd generation AirPods used H1 headphone chip instead of W1 chip. H1 offers a newer version of Bluetooth, allowing an extension of talk time up to 3 hours over W1, as well as supports “Hey Siri” for voice commands. Generally speaking, the H1 chip works more professional than the W1 chip.AirPods second generation offers 5 hours of listening time, and with charging case, it holds multiple charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. The wireless earbuds also offer audio sharing function, in which you can share the latest, hittest song between two sets of AirPods.

According to Apple, both AirPods 1st Gen and 2nd Gen AirPods are not waterproof nor water-resistant. It is advised to place the AirPods away from water as much as possible. Notwithstanding human precautions that can be taken, yet accidents will still happen! I’m sure you wouldn’t want to repurchase a new AirPods after an accidental water spillage or being left in the laundry by mistake! Therefore, protecting your Apple AirPods are vital and fundamental. Without a doubt, having a protective case minimizes the chances of damaging your AirPods, preventing it from bumps and scratches. In this sense, the protective case is not a replacement for the small charging case that comes along with your AirPods. Instead, this is a case that could be added as an extra defensive layer on top of the original charging case. 

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  • Looks stylish and fashionable 
  • Prevents scratches and scrapes of the White Charging Case
  • Get a sturdier grip and prevent slips
  • Easier to locate your AirPods with a color case 
  • Hang it on your backpack zipper or keychain with a carabiner so it won’t go missing!

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Having a high durability case can save you from extra expenses. Regardless of your job nature, protecting your beautiful device is essential. Whether you are a world traveller, professional hikers or simply those type of people who would drop their electronic devices 24/7, you should definitely consider investing in a tough AirPods case that can take the knocks. 


How to choose a case for Apple AirPods 2nd generation?

With the wide options of cases to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to get the best of the best. A lot of cases provide at least a little bit of surface or drop protection from day-to-day damage, but this may not be enough to keep your expensive AirPods totally safe from all damage. 

Price of a protective AirPods case ranging from $7 to $30 on Amazons, but how do you choose the one that fits you perfectly? Some may add a bit of width and bulk to the AirPods, while some may result the AirPods harder to access the lid due to limited openings. Another consideration is that not all cases are created equal in terms of protection; some only provide the same protection as a naked AirPods. 

Let me take you through a list of features you should consider when you buy a new protective case

Weight and protection
There are different types of materials regarding a case being protective. 
  • Rugged hard case may be too bulky after all but it provides slightly more protection than silicone cases as they hold their shape.  
  • Thick silicone is flexible and highly protective. Silicone covers your AirPods like a skin and this adds the least amount of bulk to your device.
  • Hard Plastics is heavier than a silicone case but not as bulky as a rugged hard case
  • Leather is stylish but not recommended for drop protection
Size and fit
  • Leather case may not fit as snugly as silicone case. 
  • Silicone protective case is slim and compact while hard case may add a bit of thickness to the size.  
  • Both leather and silicone cases have good durability. However, leather case may discolor while silicone case may attract debris in the long run. 
Wireless charging
  • Not all protective cases is compatible with wireless charging so double check before you purchase!
  • Leather case may cost more than silicone case. 

After all, you can get an affordable cases for Apple AirPods 2nd generation

for $7 on Amazon. It, however, may well just be a cosmetic purchase.


The Ultimate Waterproof AirPods Case

With Catalyst AirPods case, it is not only about protecting your case, but makes it fully waterproof. For the fact that Apple AirPods Case is not waterproof, the Catalyst Waterproof Case for Apple AirPods have got you covered. The case has an over-the-top design in which it shuts and locks out moisture. It is engineered to be IP67 waterproof with premium soft silicone seal to protect your AirPods. By IP67 it means it's designed to keep water out when submerged in up to three feet (1m) of water for 30 minutes. That is to say, your AirPods should remain the same after a quick dip into the water without a problem. 

Of course, it is also drop-proof, which means it meets or exceeds military standard 810G for four feet (1.2m). Don’t worry, they still look stylish, fully-functional and completely protectional!

With the new implementation of wireless charging in AirPods 2nd gen, our silicone case is also fully compatible with Qi-certified charging mat. Simply place your AirPods on the wireless charging case with our protective case on, your AirPods is charged yet protected. The Lightning port is also covered up at the bottom by a silicone plug. It protects dust from keeping into contact with the charging port.

Losing something can sometimes be annoying and stressful. Imagine when you’re about to be late for a date but you couldn’t find your AirPods before leaving the house! Catalyst’s AirPods case comes with a detachable carabiner so you can easily hook it on to your belt, bag or purse. It would surely save you from nerve-wracking times! We also provide a wide options of colors. It comes in a total number of 9 color variants - there must be at least a color that you like.

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Catalyst case for AirPods has been a top selling product since launch in April 2017, winning multiple awards and recognition as a unique protective case that is a stylish, essential everyday accessory for Apple's wireless earphones. Catalyst is recognized globally for its constant innovation and unique designs, securing prestigious awards including the International Design Award in 2017 and a CES Innovation Awards Honoree in 2018.

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