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Gotta protect your phone: It's a waterproof case specially for Pokemon Go

“the rubberised strips guide your finger when you swipe up to hurl a Pokeball. Your aim stays true whatever the weather, and rain will no longer stop you adding to your Pokedex.” – Richard Trenholm

Catalyst Case Gear Review

“While I’ll never totally trust any case to protect my phone 100%, this is the most comfortable I’ve been taking my phone into less safe environments.” – Kovas Palubinskas/


“…within minutes of installing the case on my watch I had almost completely forgotten that I had done so simply because everything still worked so seamlessly.” – Kraig Becker/

Gear Closet: Catalyst Apple Watch Waterproof Case

“… it is worth investment if you like to use your Apple Watch while traveling or exploring the outdoors.” – Kraig Becker/

Catalyst Case for iPhone 6 Review

“In spite of its slim profile, it is one of the best protective, waterproof and impact resistant cases available on the market.” – JP Habaradas/

Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 6s Case Review

“Taking your phone underwater is a dangerous game, and you need to know that it is going to be protected. With the Catalyst case, you can be sure that your phone is as amphibious as they come.” – Elliot Hall/

Recenze Catalyst Waterproof: obal, díkykterémumůžete s iPhonemfotiti pod vodou
"Catalyst Waterproof měskutečně mile překvapil. Považuji ho jakonutnost pro každého, kdo se chystá v létě s přátelinavodu a chcetepoužívatsvůj iPhone nalodinapříkladnafocení, natáčenínebonapřehráváníhudby." David Grebeň/

Top 10 Waterproof iPhone Cases that Make Apple Fans Happy
"As far as depth goes, the Catalyst Case can go deeper than the majority of its rivals. It can be submerged in over 16 feet of water while meeting military standards for shock resistance." Anthony Cerulo/

This new Catalyst Case can make your Apple Watch waterproof
"It is the first case of its kind for the Apple Watch and adds an IP68 waterproof rating as well as drop protection." Stephen Fenech/

Review of the Catalyst iPhone Waterproof case
“In every situation, when I removed the phone from the case, it was exactly how it had been when it went in. Sometimes exactly the same really is better!” Bhavishya Kanjhan/

"At first glance it gives it right away and immediately a sense of robustness which in my opinion makes it stand out from the competition." Leonardo Verona/ 

New arrival: Lamch & Co introduces Catalyst Apple Watch Case
"The design leaves the back of the Apple Watch open, maintaining full function of all features of your watch, including unhindered access to your charging dock, heart rate sensors, microphone and speakers"

Recensione custodia impermeabile Catalyst: per un estate spensierata
"La custodia impermeabile Catalyst garantisce la resistenza all'acqua con codice di protezione IP68 relativo alla totale protezione da polvere, sabbia e in generale qualsiasi corpo solido di piccole dimensioni e protezione da immersione continua oltre 1 metro, trattandosi nello specifico di 5 metri." Liborio Fedele/

Catalyst: Il case impermeabile per iPhone 6
"Catalyst unisce l'utile al dilettevole, un case stilizzato che non disgusta l'occhio, con uno spessore limitato , impermeabile e resistente alle cadute che manterrà al sicuro il nostro iPhone in qualsiasi condizione." Peter Messineo/

Catalyst: The rugged case for your Apple Watch
"To test the case's ruggedness claims, I dropped my Apple Watch encased in a Catalyst from around 1m. I also placed it under running water for 30min, and went swimming with it for around 20min. My Apple Watch is still functioning well." Trevor Tan/

Catalyst Apple Watch Case (42mm) Review – Waterproofing Your Apple Watch
"The Catalyst Apple Watch (42mm) case is the perfect case for an active lifestyle near the pool or the beach. The case works and looks great!" Scott Freedlun/

Top 10 Rugged, Adventure-Proof iPhone Accessories for Summer
"This extreme-duty case has one of the lowest profiles of any rugged waterproof case on the market. In fact the Catalyst is so trim and slim that it's safe to say, that at a casual glance, no one will ever suspect that you have one of the most protective and reliable, waterproof and impact resistant cases on the market safeguarding your precious cargo." Siva Om/

Protect Yourself! The Catalyst Waterproof Case For iPhone’s
"With a construction of impact resistant polycarbonate, a soft-touch rubber bumper, silicone seals and air & water tight acoustic membranes, this is where rugged meets style." -

Best 9.7-inch Apple iPad Pro Cases
"The Catalyst Case is rated to survive in up to 2 feet of water and should survive a fall of up to 4 feet on dry land, but hopefully the grippy sides will keep you from dropping it in the first place. The integrated screen protector still offers full access to the Touch ID and remains sensitive to the Apple Pencil inputs." – Anna Attkisson/

Best waterproof gadgets for summer
"L’orologio tecnologico di Apple è un pezzo d’arte che spesso viene un po’ castrato da custodie e case, ma se vuoi renderlo completamente impermeabile allora non c’è niente meglio che questa scocca protettiva che gli consente di scendere fino a -50 metri sott’acqua oltre che di sopravvivere a temperature estreme e cadute notevoli." Diego Barbera/

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