Catalyst Case for Education

Save Your Schools Budget

Catalyst Cases Work Hard to Protect from Spills, Drops, Scratches & Dust.

An Average of 1-in-3 School-Assigned Tablets Are Damaged Every Year... Don't Let Yours Be One of Them.

Built For Schools, Students, Teachers & Athletes

"Catalyst has some great, fully-waterproof cases for the iPad 10.2-inch, which will protect the iPad from bumps, scrapes, and yes, dunks."

- Know Techie

"Catalyst offers some of the most impressive drop-proof and liquid-proof stats of any protective, full-time-use case, and Catalyst is an obvious choice for any mom or dad with a teething child or or rambunctious little boy like mine."

- iPhone Life


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iPad (Gen 9/8/7), 10.2" - Waterproof CaseiPad (Gen 9/8/7), 10.2" - Waterproof Case
Catalyst Case for Education 4 reviews
iPad Air (Gen 3), 10.5" - Waterproof CaseCATIPDAIR3BLK | Waterproof Case for 10.5" iPad Air (3rd Gen - 2019)
Catalyst Case for Education 1 review
iPad mini 5 - Waterproof CaseCATIPDMI5BLK | Waterproof Case for iPad mini 5
Catalyst Case for Education
iPad Pro (Gen 1), 11" - Waterproof CaseCATIPDPRO11BLK | Waterproof Case for 11" iPad Pro - 1st Gen (2018)
Catalyst Case for Education 1 review
CATIPDPRO12BLK3 | Waterproof Case for 12.9" iPad Pro (2018/3rd gen)CATIPDPRO12BLK3 | Waterproof Case for 12.9" iPad Pro (2018/3rd gen)
Catalyst Case for Education 1 review

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