Is The New iPhone 11 Water Proof?

Is The New iPhone 11 Water Proof?

Is The New iPhone 11 Water Proof?

The iPhone is one of the world’s smartphones that has advanced in intelligence and technological innovation in the smartphone world.

One of these technological innovations is high resistance to water. If the water resistance feature has got your attention, it is worth investigating how much water it can take.

The iPhone 11 series recently launched in 2019. The 3 iPhones are waterproof, rated IP68 under the IEC standards 60529. The rating is the highest score any smartphone has ever reached today. However, what does IP68 stand for?

Let’s break it down.

  • IP stands for International Protection marking. It is also known as Ingress Protection. Literally, it is the International Standard used to assess how much a device can protect itself from water and dust.
  • The 6 in the IP68 rating means total dust protection.
  • An “8” stands for water resistance rating, meaning that your phone can be underwater at a depth of at least one meter or 3.3 feet for up to 30 minutes without getting damaged.


How Water Proof is the Device?

The IP68 is just the minimum rating, so Apple took the test to extremes to see how much water the brand new iPhone could take.

Here are the results:

  • iPhone 11 resists water to a maximum of 2 meters (6.6 feet) for up to 30 minutes
  • The iPhone 11 Pro goes a notch higher to withstand a maximum of 4 meters (13 feet) up to 30 minutes
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max too, resists water to a maximum depth of 4 meters up to 30 minutes

This means that in a non-extreme environment, your iPhone 11 will remain completely water-resistant and dust-proof. In extreme conditions, your iPhone has a better chance to survive than non-rated or low-rated smartphones.

Even though all the iPhones 11 have the same water resistance rating of IP68, Apple's test sets apart the Pro and the Pro Max versions as they resist water damage at extreme depths.

What’s more, it is not only water-resistant. Apple says that the brand new three iPhones can protect themselves from accidental spills of normal liquids like coffee, soda, and even more.


Why Decide to Create Water Proof Device?

Why do iPhone and more prominent brands in the Smartphone world create waterproof devices? Typically, people get caught in situations that limit their Smartphone usage—rain, snow, and drink spill inconveniences phone usage as they damage the phone’s delicate circuit.

However, prominent brands like Apple, Sony, and Samsung are putting in efforts to eliminate the above inconvenience. They aim at presenting limitless Smartphone usage—even in extreme conditions.

Today, water-resistant Smartphones make you appear unstoppable. You can use it even in the following situations:

  • When it starts raining outside, and you haven’t finished typing that text, you can continue doing so worry-free
  • You can literally wash your phone (with water) when you want to clean smudges off the glass
  • You can occasionally toss your phone into a hot tub to impress friends
  • When inspiration hit the shower, you don’t need to dry off before you jot them down, and even more

The water-resistant feature wants you to use your phone without fear. It is excellent. However, how water-proof are these devices?


Is it Effective?

Using your iPhone in the pool and the ocean is possible but not without caveats.

Your iPhone has more than one gap. Every port, button, speaker grille, and microphone hole could be the weakest link for water into your handset. Water goes to places of least resistance—the gap between the shells and some time with enough pressure, a water molecule can push through a device.

Above all, nearly all water bodies contain additional chemicals like salts or chlorine. The chemicals can cause wear and tear of the water-resistance property of an iPhone.

If you’re planning to use your iPhone underwater, you should use water-sealed cases as they protect your iPhone from dissolved chemicals.

In fact, Apple dispels that splash, dust, and water resistance aren’t permanent and can decrease over time as a result of normal tears. The company advises you to refer to your phone’s user manual for guidance on how to clean and dry your iPhone when exposed to liquid.


Are there any other phones from other companies that are waterproof?

The iPhone isn’t the only Smartphone with the waterproof feature. Their sworn rival Samsung has been producing waterproof phones from Samsung S8, S9, all the way to S10. Sony too is well known to present excellent water resistance phones.


How Effective is the Waterproofness of Samsung S10 Compared to the iPhone 11 Series?

Samsung S10 has a similar water resistance rating as the iPhone 11 of IP68. However, Samsung galaxy 10 can only withstand a maximum depth of 1.5 meters while the most advanced iPhone 11 can withstand 4 meters deep for 30minutes.


Why should People Still Purchase a Water Proof Case?

After going through all the water-resistance specs and confirmed how effective the feature is, the next question you’d probably ask is:

Do I still need a waterproof case cover for the latest and greatest iPhone—iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max?

It is no brainer. Investing in a waterproof case for an iPhone saves you tons of worries.

Many people are confused about water resistance and waterproof. The two aren’t the same thing.

The iPhone 11 series is water-resistant. If all your worries sum up to adverse weather conditions, accidental drink spills, or accidental drops in the toilet, you should be fine without a waterproof case.

However, if you’re envisioning diving in a pool and taking underwater images with your iPhone, you should reread the official Apple’s user manual. You’ll need the waterproof casing.

The water-resistance that comes with the latest iPhones is not permanent and decreases because of the normal tear. Again, you cannot charge your smartphone when wet.

It would be a grave mistake to assume your iPhone is fully waterproof and start using it underwater without a waterproof case. And this is serious because Apple offers no warranty for water damaged iPhones. Besides, the out of warranty repair cost for an iPhone 11 that has suffered liquid damage is $399.

Yes, for typical use, you don’t need a waterproof case.

However, if you’re planning to use the brand-new iPhone 11 in water or conditions where it's likely to get soaked or submerged, it is far less expensive to invest in a good waterproof case than to risk the costly repair.

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