Catalyst Case Protected iPhone Survives 14,000 Foot Drop

Catalyst Case Protected iPhone Survives 14,000 Foot Drop

Drop testing iPhone or any smartphone usually happens from 6, 10, or even 20 feet. But what happens to it with a drop from thousands of feet up? Accidentally finding out, a skydiver recently jumped from 14,000 feet before realizing his iPhone was loose in his pocket. Check out what happened in the video below.

Hatton Smith shared his experience on TikTok of “What happens when you leave your iPhone in your pocket when you go skydiving?”

Impressively, you can see the iPhone fly out of his back pocket right after he jumps out of the plane. And after a 14,000-foot fall – that should have seen the iPhone traveling at over 100 mph – the iPhone was working just fine after he pulled it out of the ground.

Notably, he shared in the comments he was thankful he had a Catalyst case on his iPhone. The outcome may have been very different if it was just a naked iPhone hitting the ground with that much impact. But it also helped that it landed in a marshy, muddy area instead of on something unforgiving like a rock or hard dirt.

Funniest comment award goes to Lexi on TikTok: “There is no in between with iPhone they’re either indestructible or crack from a 1 foot drop on carpet 😂”

It doesn’t appear to be a paid stunt either, as Hatton commented after posting that he was having trouble getting a hold of Catalyst to tell them about the amazing drop.

There have been a few instances of skydivers dropping their iPhones and the smartphones surviving. However, it looks like this may be one of the highest drops iPhone has walked away from – previous ones mostly seem to be under 13,000 feet.

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