Best iPad Pro 2018 Case

Best iPad Pro 2018 Case

It is undeniable that iPad Pro is the envy of everyone’s eye. Elements like the induction charging of the Apple Pencil along the side of the tablet have taken over the tablet world. At the same time, it has thrown in a twist in designing iPad Pro 2018 Cases.

In particular, manufacturers have to take some extra time to create cases for the latest generation of iPad Pros.

If you’re anything like other iPad users, you might be asking yourself the same questions:

    • Which case protects an iPad the best?
    • Must it be waterproof in addition to water resistance?
    • And most importantly, what are the must-haves for any iPad Pro case?

To answer these questions correctly, you must first back check how much you know about iPad Pro 2018 and what an iPad case can turn your tablet into.

Let’s start by checking how water resistance the iPad Pro 2018 is.


How Water-Resistant is the iPad Pro 2018?

To date, no iPad model has presented water resistance that the recent iPhone model enjoys. In fact, Apple does not advertise any IP rating for the iPad Pro 2018 model or any other iPad.

Meaning, it would be tempting fate to take an iPad in the waters.

The possible reason why Apple is quiet about iPad’s water resistance might be the unlikeliness of the need to use an iPad in wet conditions, or they might have found the reason not powerful enough to warrant the feature.

However, iPad Pro can handle a splash of water, but dunking the device in a pool of water will trigger the water indicators in the iPad.

To be more precise, Apple does not say anything about water resistance in iPad Pro 2018.

Fortunately, third-party companies are keying in to make iPad Pro 2018 waterproof. Companies are manufacturing waterproof cases that silence the worry of working with your iPad in wet conditions—you can even go diving with your iPad.

Now the right question that brings everything into perspective is:

Which is the best iPad Pro waterproof case for you? Let’s dig slightly deep into this.


The Best iPad Pro Waterproof Case

Apple made the iPhone water-resistant years ago, but for the iPad, there is no guarantee of how much water it can take.

But if you have a real urge to take your iPad swimming, despite this, you need the new rugged case from Catalyst. Let’s explore deeper into this iPad Case.


Catalyst Rugged Waterproof Case for iPad Pro 2018

In a rare or possibly solitary example, Catalyst released a fully waterproof casing for both models of iPad Pro 2018. The case sports an IP68 rating of water resistance—that’s a good immersion down to a depth of 6.6 feet.

Even though several rugged cases already exist for iPad, only a few support the 2018 iPad Pros in comparison. And what’s more—and this is the interesting part, Catalyst’s full waterproof case might be the first-ever waterproof case for iPad Pro 2018.

It might be easy to think, that’s all. But this case from Catalyst doesn’t stop there. It stretches a notch higher to offer military-grade drop protection rating 810 G—drop protection up to a height of 4 feet.

Even more, it comes with all other features incorporated—an adjustable stand, 4 lanyard attachment, and a hard coated lens for photo and video shooting underwater.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the casing comes with an acoustic membrane that aims at preserving sound from internal speakers while keeping out liquids.

In short, it offers you all you can get from a normal iPad casing and beyond.



Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

But let’s say you’re not into working on wet conditions, and waterproofness is not your priority. Instead, minimalism and productivity are what you value; the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio might serve you better.

Apple-made Smart Keyboard Folio is a must to include whenever talking about the best cases for iPad Pro. The case protects both the front and the back of iPad Pro, attaches effortlessly via magnet, and has one of the best keyboards you´ll ever find for tablet.

The best part with this casing is that it is quite slim, especially when you compare it to the third-party options available. The combination of minimalism and productivity makes the Smart Keyboard Folio a great option to pick up.

The only problem with this case is that it doesn´t offer all-round protection. The cases go for $179 or $189 depending on whether you have the 11-inch or 12.9-inch.


What should you look for in an iPad Pro case?

But what if you’re looking for just a decent case for your iPad Pro 2018? What should you look for?

Majorly, it stems down to how you frequently use your iPad Pro and what you use it for? Will you be using it for typing tasks? Streaming videos or playing games?

The features to consider deeply depends on your activity while with your tablet. But what are the must-haves for any iPad case? Let’s take a quick look.


    • Water resistance

Don’t confuse water resistance and waterproof. Water-resistance is the ability to withstand normal spills, splash rains, and spills from normal drinks. The case you settle for should be able to protect against such liquid spills.


    • Weight and composition

If you’ll be carrying your iPad to and from work, or you’ll be carrying it on the go, a case’s weight and composition will be a big deal.


    • Protection

The case must cover the iPad’s corners and protect as many edges as possible from scrapes and protect the shiny metallic bits from abrasive scratches.



You have an iPad Pro 2018 model in your hands. You can go ahead and use it naturally. However, while iPads may look like hulking slabs of aluminum and glass, they are deceptively delicate. And they cry out for protection. Given the myriad options out there, it is up to you to gauge the best case to secure your tablet safely.


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