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Catalyst Launches Total Protection Cases for AirTag and Waterproof and Drop Proof Case for Beats Studio Buds™

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Catalyst AirTag cases come in various attachment options allowing users to Hang-It, Clip-It or Stick-It on just about anything for amplified protection.

Las Vegas, Nevada - (October 4, 2021) – Catalyst, the award-winning manufacturer of the world’s most protective and stylish cases for smartphones and electronic devices, introduces Total Protection Cases for AirTag, a complete solution that allows users to easily secure the AirTag to just about anything they need to keep track of.  The Catalyst case for AirTag comes in three attachment options: Hang-It, with a keyring and carabiner to hook onto bags, pet collars, keys and more; Clip-It, with a secure clip that attaches to things like straps and shoelaces; and Stick-It, with a 3M removeable adhesive back that sticks to just about any surface.

The Total Protection Cases for AirTag are waterproof to 330ft (100m), 100x more waterproof than the naked device, and have 10ft Military Standard 810G Drop Protection ensuring valuables are always safe and secure.

“AirTag has proven to be the latest big hit coming out of Apple with reports showing 60 percent of Apple customers have started using these Bluetooth trackers,” Catalyst CEO June Lai said. “Our Total Protection Cases for AirTag ensures people can secure them on just about anything, no matter their lifestyle or environment, and keep them safe and secure. The same value proposition and design elements that have earned Catalyst consumer trust for iPhone, iPad and AirPods cases, were applied to AirTag and we’re excited to share this latest offering with our customers.”

Catalyst is also introducing the Waterproof and Drop Proof Case for Beats Studio Buds.  The cases are made with the same iconic one-piece, curved design that was invented for and applied to Apple AirPods.  The silicone cases have been adapted to perfectly fit the Beats Studio Buds™, with waterproof sealing ribs that ensure waterproof protection to 3.3 feet (1M).

These along with all the latest releases from Catalyst can be found at

Total Protection Hang-It / Clip-It / Stick-It Cases for AirTag
$34.99/€39.99/£34.99/CAD 44.99
Colors: Stealth Black

Total Protection cases for AirTag are drop proof and waterproof - 100x more waterproof (330ft) vs naked AirTag device – and designed with raised edges to protect from bumps and scratches. Each case has 10ft Military Standard 810G Drop Protection. The Catalyst case for AirTag comes in three attachment options to easily secure just about anywhere, and anything users want to keep safe and secure.

  • Hang-It comes with a keyring and carabiner that can be attached to anything from a pet's tag to a child's backpack.


  • Clip-It attaches to most straps including pet collars, camera straps and shoelaces

  • Stick-It has an in-built 3M VHB removable sticker that can be fastened easily to most surfaces

The cases are completely compatible with the AirTag signal technology ensuring protection while emitting sound in hard-to-find places.

Waterproof and Drop Proof Case for Beats Studio Buds™

$29.99/€34.99/£29.99/CAD39.99/ PRE-ORDER NOW

Colors: Stealth Black | Red

Catalyst cases for the Beats Studio Buds™ are waterproof, drop droop and feature Catalyst’s iconic one- piece curved design that have become a signature for the brand since the first case for AirPods was designed and released in 2017.  Now that design has been adapted to perfectly fit the new Beats Studio Buds™. Each case for Beats Studio Buds™ has sealing ribs to ensure it is waterproof up to 1M (3.3ft) and has MIL-STD-810G Drop Protection.  This silicone case maintains a sophisticated look and the colorways of the cases perfectly compliment the new device. Each Waterproof and Drop Proof case for Beats Studio Buds™ comes with a free carabiner that easily hooks on to a belt, bag or purse for added security.



About Catalyst
Catalyst is a premium lifestyle accessories brand founded to create iconic products that enable people to explore and share their world. Catalyst offers the highest performance accessories that are the best value for their customers. Josh Wright is an award‐winning industrial designer who graduated from the Art Center College of Design and June Lai is the research, development, and business partner at Catalyst. In 2010, after seeing a requirement for a product that fit their needs but did not yet exist, they designed and developed a line of high-performance everyday case, accessories, and sleeves for their many outdoor and underwater adventures. Catalyst is available in more than 70 countries including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Australia and the GCC. For high resolution images please visit our press gallery.

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