What is new with the 10.2" iPad?

What is new with the 10.2" iPad?

What is new with the 10.2" iPad?

The 10.2 iPad is something that you might be thrilled to use. It comes with many exciting features that have already wowed some users. This is a budget-friendly tablet with a retina display of 10.2 inches and is excellent for multitasking.
The 10.2 iPad is a seventh-generation device that Apple introduced recently. Its latest innovations like advanced cameras, excellent battery life, ease of use, and connectivity makes you have an exceptional user experience.
In this post, we are going to share some new features of the 10.2 iPad that you might be interested to know. Below are some of them.

1. Display, design, and performance 

This tablet has a portable design and a more prominent screen compared to Windows PC. However, there seems to be no change in design since the iPad ha an iconic design. The bottom bezel still has a Touch ID and has the same model as the speaker.

The retina display measures 10.2 inches in display and about 3.5 million pixels. Be sure to get a full viewing where you will get an ideal immersive augmented reality experience.

This is a great device that guarantees fantastic performance, thanks to its advanced sensors and enhanced cameras. This new generation iPad comes with an excellent A10 infusion chip that increases its performance.

The screen of this iPad also provides more resolution than other previous iPad models. The decision makes everything appear sharp at a moderate distance.

In a nutshell, the large screen of this iPad implies that it is quite bulkier and more substantial than the previous model of 9.7 –inch iPad.

2. Portability

If you are looking for something to carry around, then this is the real deal. Besides being durable, it’s also portable. With a weight of just one pound, you don’t experience any difficulties in traveling with it to business trips.

Being also made from a frame that is 100% recycled aluminum, it can withstand long-term use without getting physical damage. You will enjoy using it because a beautiful finish is part of its design.

 3. Connectivity 

 The new 10.2 iPad offers a fast cellular data connection because it can support the connectivity of Gigabit-class LTE. It’s therefore easy to stay connected on this tablet as it has an extra fast wireless connection.

 It’s also secure and easy to unlock it as it has a touch ID. You, therefore, need to use your finger, and this means that you can keep crucial information safe.

4. Camera

There’s something about the front or back camera of 10.2 iPad. Its 8MP rear camera and built-it Face-time HD camera helps you capture outstanding photos. You can as well use it to make Face-time calls and shoot high-quality videos.

 It’s also an excellent scanner for documents. After obtaining your photos using the Face-time camera of this tablet you can edit them from another larger screen on your iPad.

You can make them attractive by adding fun effects, rotate and even crop them. At the end of everything, you will achieve a perfect shot.

5. Versatility and ease of use

The 10.2 Ipad is a flexible device, something that even makes it easy to use. It comes with the ability and power like that of a computer. The large 10.2-inch retina display in this device supports a full-size Smart Keyboard.

Be sure to perform some crucial tasks without a hassle. With its multitasking capabilities, it possible to edit a document while making a call. You can as well make a call while researching something from the web.

The files app could be a convenient spot for managing all your data. The onscreen keyboard, on the other hand, will be resourceful should you need to write a term paper. You can as well attach a full-size screen keyboard to do this.

6. Apple Pencil

Did you know that it is possible to take your notes in class using the Apple Pencil? You can as well create a small to-do list, sketch out your idea, mark up a document, and sign paperwork on this device. It’s so exciting to use an Apple Pencil and perform simple tasks.

7. Gaming capability

Are you a lover of computer games? You might then find it exciting to use the 10.2 iPad. With the A10 Fusion chip, there’s no doubt that you will get fantastic performance.

As you know, games can be detailed, fluid and immersive. It’s, therefore, possible to connect this iPad with an MFi game controller. PlayStation DualShock 4 controller and have an incredible gaming experience.

8. Many apps

 The 10.2 iPad has apps for many things. There are more than one million iPad apps on the App Store that are designed for its large display. You can read the news, play games, and enjoy using apps on the same device. It can accommodate many apps based on your interest.

9. Privacy built-in

 Never worry about privacy since this iPad was designed with that in mind. You can securely sign in on websites and apps with your Apple ID.

It’s easy to unlock your iPad, thanks to its Touch ID feature. It’s even simpler and secure to purchase anything on Apple.

10. Voice control

 The best thing about 10.2 iPad is that it comes with features that can support hearing, learning needs, mobility, and vision. The voice control feature is among them. You can use it to control your iPad to type.

11. Battery life

 The battery life of 10.2 is perfect because it can last up to 10 hours. This is because its A10 Fusion chip is efficient.

We are now going to have a look at its pros and cons before winding up.


  • Awesome for multi-tasking
  • Affordable
  • Voice control feature
  • Secure
  • Excellent camera
  • Versatile
  • Smart connector


  • Chunky bezels
  • The screen isn’t anti-reflective.


The 10.2 iPad is indeed a game-changer as it helps you express your creative thoughts in many ways. It has an Apple Pencil feature that makes your vision alive.

While it’s designed is almost similar to other versions, it’s the screen is bigger too. However, the 10.2 iPad is excellent because it comes with many improved features.

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