iPhone 12 Series: What We Know So Far About The September 2020 iPhone Release

The upcoming release of the iPhone 12 has been greatly anticipated throughout 2020. Excitement and buzz around the launch have been steadily building all year, and there is no shortage of rumor and speculation around what designs, features, or upgrades we can expect.

Read on as we aim to save you the hassle of trawling countless articles online. We'll sum up all of the key speculations around the most eagerly anticipated tech release of the year so that you're one step ahead and in the loop.

iPhone 12 Series Rumored Release Date

The tech giant Apple has announced its new batch of iPhone every fall since 2011. However, many anticipate that this typical September release may not push through. Rumors are spreading about the delays in the development process for the upcoming iPhone lineup. However, nothing is official yet regarding the most anticipated release of Apple this year. However, we are almost certain the announcement is not far away and we’re as excited as ever.

What To Expect With The New iPhone 12 series

With constant anticipation and excitement for the upcoming iPhone 12 series, comes expectations. You might be thinking about the new iPhone model's difference from the standard iPhone or its past flagships. You may also want to know other details, including the accessories or the iPhone 12 warranty

Here are several takeaways that can feed your curiosity and forecasts from analysts regarding the upcoming Apple iPhone and its other essentials:

iPhone 12 Models

 (Photo Credits: Hurriyet)

From last year's prediction of the analyst Ming-Chi, we have come to know that there will be four various iPhone 12 models for 2020. One model with a 5.4-inch display screen, two with 6.1 inches, and another at 6.7 inches.

You can also expect the incorporation of OLED displays into these four iPhone 12 models, making the release another significant record for Apple. The past iPhone XR and iPhone 11 featured an LCD specification instead of the OLED panel. 

Based on the report of Display Supply Chain CEO Ross Young, here's what you can anticipate from each of Apple's iPhone 12 models.

iPhone 12

According to the forecast, the iPhone 12 will present a 5.4-inch OLED screen with an alleged resolution of 2340x1080. Ross Young looks forward to a Y-OCTA technology feature of the phone's display that directly integrates the touch sensor.

There are expectations about the 4GB RAM, A14 processor, and 128GB and 256 GB storage. You can take note that this iPhone 12 model will depend on dual rear cameras, similar to the iPhone 11. 

iPhone 12 Max

This model from the new iPhone series features a 6.1-inch display and similar hardware with the standard iPhone 12 model. The variation you can observe comes through the increase in battery and screen sizes. A larger OLED panel that provides a 2532x1170 screen resolution makes the difference for the iPhone 12 Max.

iPhone 12 Pro

Following Young's forecast, the iPhone 12 Pro could be the first phone to present 10-bit color support with its 6.1 inches OLED display. With a 2532x1170 resolution accompanied by Y-OCTA technology, there is a possibility that you can experience a phone screen that supports a 120Hz refresh rate. However, this feature is still a passing rumor for several months now.

Aside from this, there are also rumors that the Pro series of the new iPhone accents three rear lenses, emphasized by a 64MP primary sensor, and a LiDAR time-of-flight-sensor.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

You can eagerly anticipate that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have the biggest screen among the iPhone 12 lineup with an expected 6.7-inch OLED panel. This phone will have the same hardware attributes as the iPhone 12 Pro, but its resolution could be around 2778x1824. 

 iPhone 12 And 5G

According to news from Nikkei, the iPhone 12 models have 5G support for networks. However, there are some arguments if the new 5G iPhone lineup will support both sub-6GHz and mmWave types of 5G. As per Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, 5G technology will apply to all of the iPhones anticipated in 2020. The iPhone 12 lineup will have Qualcomm's X55 5G modem chip.

 There may be plans to utilize Qualcomm's modems, but it does not include Qualcomm's FR front-end components because of limitations to time. You can expect a possible impact on maximum wireless speeds, so we need to see how Apple's application of this connectivity works.

iPhone Accessories

Usually, Apple's iPhones come with a set of earbuds and charger. In the case of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, it was an 18-watt fast charger. For the iPhone 12 series, you can await a different plan. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also expects that Apple will not include EarPods from the iPhone 12 box. He believes that this is a strategy to market its wireless AirPods for individuals anticipating the new iPhone or even those existing iOS users. 

Moreover, another upgrade that you can potentially obtain is the braided USB-C-to-Lightning cable of the iPhone 12. Hypothetically, a braided lightning cable is more durable than the standard charging cable that Apple provides for the past years. If this rumor comes to certainty, then this is much of an advantage to you as a user.

Other than this, there are also accessories than you can consider. Since it is a new iPhone model, there will be many iPhone cases with different designs and materials available in the market as soon as iPhone 12 launches.

iPhone 12 Series Potential Specifications

As someone eager to purchase the new iPhone, you want to know the specifications a phone can offer first. It would be a useful tip if you can do some research to check and anticipate what the iPhone 12 has in store. 

From all the rumors, leaks, and provided information, here are the potential specifications of the 5G iPhone you can note and foresee:


Bloomberg says that you can visualize the four new iPhone models restoring the iPhone 5's flat metal-edge design. This kind of change will lead the iPhone lineup closer to the iPad Pro 2020. There are also leaks of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 through a purchased dummy unit. You can compare that it is smaller than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, even though it has a larger screen. However, this iPhone does not have a significant size than the 4 inches iPhone SE

Another leak exhibits the iPhone 12's 5.4-inch actual display panel. It seems to confirm that you can expect Apple's iPhone 12 lineup to have a small size.

Color Options

It is a safe bet if you think Apple will likely follow a similar pattern from the iPhone’s past launch. This pattern means that there will be a significant quantity of colors for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max, while a darker tone and usual color schemes apply to the iPhone 12 Pro models.


(Photo credits: Svetapple)

Additionally, there is a current rumor that Apple will offer a blue-colored iPhone 12.  Svetapple has released the iPhone 12 Pro's latest mockup in this new shade.


Apple continues to provide both high-end and low-end iPhones this 2020. You can await that these iPhone models might come with OLED screen displays discarding LCDs for its new iPhone 12 series.

There are also expectations that several upcoming iPhones this 2020 will adopt Y-OCTA, a Samsung technology. It permits a linear pattern of the touchscreen circuitry to the OLED panel without needing a separate layer, which leads to a lower production cost and thinner display.


You can differentiate among the new iPhone 12 series besides the screen size is its camera technology. Mainly, there are plans that Apple will produce two iPhones with a dual-lens camera system and another two with triple-lens.

The iPhone 12 model with a 5.4-inch screen size will exhibit two rear cameras. This feature will likely include ultra-wide and wide-angle lenses. You can expect a similar setup or specification on the 6.1 inches iPhone 12.

  • TrueDepth Camera System

Bloomberg and the Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo presume that in 2020, at least one new iPhone will present a smaller front camera lens. This feature will enhance the screen to bezel ratio, leading to a smaller notch that you can see at the front.

Furthermore, Barclays analysts believe the iPhone 12 will offer a TrueDepth camera system. However, there are no supporting details from them regarding the possible improvements.

  • Video Capture

Leakers are still close-mouthed regarding the iPhone 12's camera capabilities. Others would say that it could be the first smartphone to provide a 4K video capture at 240fps.


Another feature that you can anticipate is Apple's A-series processor for the iPhone 12 lineup, which is known to be A14. According to Bloomberg, this chip will set its focus on speeding up AR tasks and artificial intelligence.

Many iPhone 12 leaks mention that TSMC will produce the 5-nanometer A14 chips for Apple. This kind of chip is smaller, speedy, and battery-efficient for smartphone users like you because of its enhanced thermal management.

Battery Life

The upcoming iPhones this 2020 could obtain some gains on its battery capacity. If you had your secondary research about the iPhone 12's battery life or other details, you would know that Apple suppliers are generating a custom battery protection module. This feature of the battery makes the latest iPhone thinner and smaller by 50% than the past Apple iPhone. 


You can safely bet that the power built inside the iPhone 12 models is Apple's upgrade of its A-series processors, the A14 Bionic chip. From TSMC's report on the 5 nanometers A14 chip, there is an expectation of a 15% boost in the performance and a 30% increase in the CPU’s efficiency.

As much as this forecasted performance sounds fantastic and thrilling for you, we still recommend waiting for further iPhone 12 leaks. 

Here is a summary of the new specifications for the new iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 12 Series Price Point

Current rumors spread that the price of the iPhone 12 models this year could start at $649. This starting price could be the lowest figure that Apple may charge you for an OLED iPhone model. You must also take into account that pricing depends on the storage feature of the iPhone.

Price Range Of The iPhone 12 Series

As mentioned previously, the new iPhone starting price is $649, which relies on the storage capacity the phone can offer. Based on that speculation, you can check this possible price range to estimate the cost to purchase any upcoming iPhone from the iPhone 12 series.

  • iPhone 12 (5.4-inch): $649
  • iPhone 12 (6.1-inch): $749
  • iPhone 12 Pro (6.1-inch): $999
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch): $1,099

Others hearsay also suggest that the Apple iPhone pricing this 2020 will be similar to 2019, but Jeff Pu, an analyst, thinks that the 5.4 inches iPhone 12 model will start at $749. It shows an increase from the $699 price of the iPhone 11. Take note, as you add up storage, the price also increases.

iPhone 12 Series Price Compared To Other Smartphones

If the rumored prices come out to be accurate, it gives a piece of good news for many anticipating customers. One of Apple's competitors, Samsung, released its Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra earlier this 2020. It starts at a noticeable price of $1,400 if you compare it to the iPhone 12 Pro Max priced at $1,099. However, if you already own the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, you can check for impact cases for its protection.

As of the individuals anticipating Apple's significant release this 2020, you need to consider that the price range comes from the circulating rumors. You can take all these iPhone 12 leaks with a pinch of salt.

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