Do You Need a Waterproof Case for your device?

Do You Need a Waterproof Case for your device?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that water is not your phone’s best friend. Keeping them as far apart as possible is a good idea but for many of us, not always realistic. A waterproof case will allow the coming together of water and phone without catastrophe or even drama of any kind. However, there are a number of other benefits to having a waterproof case that you may not have known about. But let's start with the basics.

How can Water Damage Your Phone?

Water is a cellphone's kryptonite. Once water enters your phone through one of its ports, water enters the internal circuitry. Consequently, because water is a conductor, it carries a current, then causes an electric overload and finally fries the circuit board and kills the battery. Everyone knows that a water damaged phone is useless and that’s why you need a waterproof iPhone case.

Reasons Why You Need a Waterproof Phone Case

1. Wash and disinfect safely

Companies today have higher standards of health and sanitary regulations. Such models are the new normal. With how easy it is to infect and to get infected with the coronavirus, the strict protocol must be followed to avoid sickness and, in severe cases, death. 

Consequently, we have to maintain cleanliness not only of our hands, face, and body but of everything we touch. Now, think, what do we touch the most? Our phones! So the question is, how do we safely wash and disinfect our devices

With a water-resistant case, you can wash and disinfect your phone safely without fear of liquid getting into the port or openings of your phone. It is not only hygienic to disinfect your phone, but also necessary. As formerly established, cleaning your phone is crucial to stop the spread of viruses such as the coronavirus (Covid-19). 

However, to effectively kill the virus, make sure to use a hygiene solution with 70% alcohol as advised by the EPA and the CDC. Certain companies that claim that their hygiene solutions can disinfect or can work against any type of viruses are not actually proven to work against Covid-19. In this regard, our Catalyst, which is in line with the standards of CDC, can allow you to wash and disinfect your phone without causing any damage to it. This is the best way to kill the coronavirus.

2. Confidently take your phone to beach outings

Afraid of bringing your new Samsung galaxy to the beach? Or when you do take it, you wrap it in a beach towel or keep it hidden inside your bag the whole time? Are you scared of liquid damage? We all know how hard it is to bring your cell phone to the beach.

Smartphones are expensive and extremely valuable. You do not want it to get wet and instantly die. The good news is that highly effective and durable waterproof cell phone cases exist. With a waterproof case, you can enjoy taking pictures at the beach with family and friends without worrying about the possibility of a damaged phone.

3. Take underwater photos

Tired of not being able to capture what you see while snorkelling? With the catalyst waterproof cases, you can now take gorgeous photos of the exotic wildlife and jaw-dropping scenery underwater! Imagine being able to record fish and turtles swimming or the sunset in the Bahamas. Don't worry about your headphone jack either, everything's covered.

4. Safeguard your phone from water

Yes, water-resistant cases are superb for beach outings and pool parties with family or friends. However, one should not forget that waterproof cases are also valuable for everyday situations. Everyone is always around water and other liquids. One mistake, a simple spillage, could end your phone's life. Why risk it? Go get the ultimate phone protector. Get yourself a waterproof case. 

5. Protect your phone from damage

The most obvious reason one would get a waterproof case is due to protect one's phone from damage. Waterproof cases save your phone from fall if they are shockproof, as well as dust, snow, and water. Consequently, waterproof cases are your best bet to safeguard your phone on water and land. Although some might be expensive or bulky, good brands like Catalyst provide cases that are slim, classy, and reasonably priced for its specs and durability. 

6. Reap the benefits of a soft grip case

While drop protection is an excellent feature for a gadget case, an even more superior quality is one that prevents your cell phone or device from falling in the first place. The solution is a water-resistant case with a soft-grip exterior. This feature helps hinder you from dropping and breaking it in the process.

7. Use your phone anywhere

Singing your favourite hits while showering, chilling in your hot tub or bubbly jacuzzi, or simply texting your friends and taking a selfie -- these are just some of our favourite activities to do in our glorious bathrooms.

One perfect way to enjoy those things without worrying about the risks of getting steam on your phone while taking a bath or getting water on your phone when you drop it is to use a water-resistant case. For newer iPhones, you may want your case to have a soft-grip feature that helps prevent your phone from accidentally dropping it.

8. Protect your phone from accidents

Babysitting a playful child or having a fun, active night out with friends? You can do your responsibilities or enjoy your life without worrying much about your phone. With Catalyst, you can protect your phone from unforeseen accidents. Plus, a variety of our designs can be an additional flex on your night out with your friends! It can be chic if you're attending a classy party or a playful, creative one for your fun parties! Your choice!

9. Be prepared for rainy days.

Dang! It must be hard to call for an emergency or contact a loved one on rainy days, especially when you’re out! Apart from risking your phone from getting wet, you may even accidentally drop it on a muddy puddle. With a water-resistant cell phone case, you can prevent those things from happening! You can text or call your loved ones comfortably on a messy, rainy day.

What are the Best Waterproof Cases? 

Imagine paying top dollar for your newest smart gadget only to be damaged by accidents or environmental hazards. The good news is that you don’t have to lose sleep worrying about the proper protection for your gadgets. Introducing the Catalyst waterproof case collection, let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

iPhone Cases

Doing grocery shopping in the midst of the pandemic and scared of contracting Covid-19? Worry not for the Catalyst Waterproof Cases for iPhones lets you disinfect your device without damaging it. Since you can wash your iPhone with our cases, you don’t need to worry about water getting into it with its superior waterproof technology. 

Want to enjoy your Netflix in your bathtub without worrying about the risk of getting your phone wet? You will surely love our collection of waterproof iPhone cases. It cannot only protect your iPhone from water, but it can also help prevent it from slipping from your hands! 

With these top-of-the-line iPhone cases, you can take your phones where you never thought possible.

  • Enjoy the beach worry-free!
  • Take Underwater Photos
  • Swimming pool parties
  • Record your hiking progress
  • Create snowboarding videos
  • Use your phone while taking a bath

Catalyst waterproof cases for iPhones 6 to 11 pro max come with an international award-winning design, a non-recessed optical camera lens, a sound acoustic membrane, and a watertight silicone seal. You can take it anywhere with you, with full confidence in your phone's durability. It is drop-proof up to 6.6 ft (810G) and waterproof up to 33 ft (IP-68)! Despite these features, you can also enjoy listening to your favourite music without compromising its quality. 

It allows for the full functionality of your iPhone, so you can text, take a photo, or unlock it without taking too much time! There's more! We provide 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty and the best Customer Service for your needs. 

Catalyst cases are made only from heavy-duty materials.  As such, the product boasts of a 12-month manufacturer warranty and a guaranteed 30-day money-back warranty. This particular phone stands out above the rest for certain features which include the following:

  • It is made with hard-coated and non-recessed optical lenses. 
  • It has air and watertight acoustic membrane—also, one of the newest and latest water-resistant cases.
  • It features a strong case, buttons, and plug covers that do not wear out over time. 
  • Patented Rotating Mute Toggle. 
  • Family-friendly, amazing for kids who are prone to accidents and making spillages

 There are other devices that need protecting as well, including AirPods and AirPods Pro, iPad and Apple Watch. And Catalyst has products for all of them.

AirPods and AirPods Pro Cases

Our waterproof case for AirPods is simply wow! People rave about this one and with good reason. This case has over 500 reviews and a 4.9-star rating. 

Wondering why? Well, this item is functional, perfect for sports, and affordable. You get a whopping ten colours to choose from, a detachable carabiner and a premium silicone body. 

Catalyst's waterproof case for AirPods will protect your gadget from up to 3.3 ft of water and drops of up to 6.6 ft. Now, you can enjoy going to the gym, riding a bike, or taking a swim worry-free.

When it comes to waterproof AirPods cases, this one’s a personal favourite of mine. Here are the reasons why:
  • You have a variety of choices for colour with ten options.
  • It has a brand-new carabiner in a matte finish, including a stainless steel hook.
  • The product has a glossy surface finish.
  • Great for athletic individuals

Catalyst's highly-rated waterproof AirPods case is the case of your dreams. No other brand compares. This case is a special exclusive edition. It brags of a 90 degree rotated attachment point, a premium carabiner, and exclusive trendy colours. 

The waterproof case for AirPods Pro is considered one of the most durable cases that can be found. It is no surprise considering that the AirPods Pro case is made with the highest quality material. The case will safeguard against scratches, dirt and drops of up to 4 ft, and water of up to 3.3 ft. Because the company is confident with the quality it has to offer, this product also has a one year warranty. 


    iPad Cases

    Kids love watching and playing on tablets to keep them entertained, however, we all know the dangers of letting kids handle gadgets. It’s time to stop worrying with our collection of waterproof iPad cases that are made to protect and disinfect your iPads.

    The Catalyst iPad waterproof case collection won the hearts of parents, and it acquired the "Parents Tested Parents Approved" award. For sure, this case, which features solid, sturdy, rubber, and silicone, will do a great job of safeguarding your iPad. 

    Each product comes with different styles and colours to choose from. It is trendy, it is new, and it is slick while maintaining its functionality. This item is a top tier case made of dirt, snow, water, and drop-proof material. It features an integrated touch screen film for seamless access to all attributes, lanyard attachments, clear front and back case to feature the iPad logo and patented air and watertight acoustic membranes.

    Apple Watch Cases

    Love to run, swim, and hike? These cases allow you to wear your smart apple watch anytime, anywhere. It remains waterproof up to an astounding 330 feet of water (IP 68) and shockproof from drops of up to 6.6 ft (MIL-STD 810G). With it comes a test dummy with a spare screw, a sealing wrap made from silicone, a wrist strap made from premium silicone, and an impact-resistant polycarbonate housing. 

    Here’s what makes the Catalyst Apple watch waterproof case collection cut above other water-resistant cases:

    • It safeguards against damaging water of up to 330 ft deep.
    • It features a glow in the dark colour option.
    • The product has a face for direct touchscreen usage.
    • It is a screen protector compatible.

    The Waterproof Case for Apple Watch series 4 & 5 is an award-winning, fully functional, drop, and water-resistant case. This case is one of the newest in stock. Aside from being new, it is also very well-liked. It is truly top of the line and one of the most popular right now. 

    How come? Well, its features include 360 degrees total protection, drop-proof of up to 6.6 ft, and waterproof of up to 330 ft! No wonder it has 210 reviews and 4.8 stars. According to one reviewer, this is the best case he has ever owned and that the case is of extreme value. Also, this case has tactical side buttons and contains a hypoallergenic silicone band.

    Remember, these cases can save you money in the long run! It will prevent the risk of damaging your apple watch and paying tons of money for repair. It can prolong your device's stability and durability because our company only uses grade A materials to make sure that your device is well-protected. 

    Final Verdict

    All the cases mentioned in this article are undoubtedly outstanding in their ways. However, some phones stood out in their particular category for being the greatest of the great. 

    For the most durable, Waterproof Case for 10.2 iPad (2019) seemed to be ahead of the others. It was not only highly durable but also the most brand new and top-rated among the list. Meanwhile, the Waterproof case for 38MM apple watch series 2 was the cream of the crop under the cheapest category. For its price point, it had the best waterproof (33 ft) and shockproof (6.6 ft) specs, but the Waterproof case for iPhone 7 was a close second. 

    As for the most popular, the crown belongs to the Waterproof case for AirPods. It was not only the most popular among the list with more than 500 reviews and a 4.9-star rating, but it was also the cheapest and most versatile featuring ten colours to select. Finally, the Waterproof case for 10.5” iPad air (3rd gen- 2019) takes the cake in the newest category. It is slim, sleek, classy, sophisticated, and the most pristine among its class. 

    If you found this content helpful, do leave a comment or share the article so it can reach and help more people. Thanks and have a great day!


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