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Working out with the Apple Watch

If you have yet to choose the perfect Apple Watch for you, Apple provides a comparison chart in their website. They summarize the similarities between the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple Watch Series 4 and enumerate the upgrades that were given to the latest generation watch.

There are two sizes available for each Apple Watch Series. Apple Watch Series 3 comes in 38mm and 42mm while the Apple Watch Series 4 comes in 40mm and 44mm. Apple currently offers four band types; Sport Loop, Sport Band, Leather and Stainless Steel. Some of these bands are made for specific Apple Watch Sizes.

The Apple Sport Band is made of custom-developed, high-performance fluoroelastomer with a pin and tuck closure. It is durable and strong yet soft and comfortable. The Sport Band has a Nike Sports Band range that is made with the same lightweight fluoroelastomer but has compression-molded perforations for breathability. All Sport Bands for the 40mm Apple Watch is compatible with the 38mm Apple Watch and all Sport Bands for the 44mm Apple Watch is compatible with the 42mm Apple Watch.

The Sport Loop is made of soft, breathable, double-layer nylon weave with an adjustable hook and loop fastener. The inner side of the strap provide soft cushioning and allows moisture to escape. On the outer side, the attachment loops are securely anchored for superior durability. Apple also offers a Nike Sports Loop Series which uses the same quick-fastening, flexible nylon weave but comes in exclusive Nike colors namely Celestial Teal, Smokey Mauve and Olive Flak. Like the Sport Band range, all Sport Loops for the 40mm Apple Watch is compatible with the 38mm Apple Watch and all Sport Loops for the 44mm Apple Watch is compatible with the 42mm Apple Watch.

Apple also has a range of leather bands. They offer two distinctive leather designs that feature magnetic, stainless steel closures. The Modern Buckle Band is only for the 40mm Apple Watch Series 4 and is not available for the 44mm. It is made of Granada leather. On the other hand, the Leather Loop is only for the 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 and is not available for the 40mm. It is made of Venezia leather.

Apple partnered with Nike on their sports range. For their more formal range, Apple offers the world designer leather strap by Hermes. Their Hermes range is made of luxurious, handcrafted calfskin leather that comes in various styles and colors. The Double Tour is only for the 40mm Apple Watch Series 4 while the Single Tour is only for the 44mm Apple Watch. However, the Barenia Leather Single Tour and the Epsom Leather Single Tour are available for both watch sizes.

The Stainless Steel bands collection comprise of the Milanese Loop and the Link Bracelet. They work for both Series 3 and 4 of the Apple Watches. The Milanese Loop is made of smooth, stainless steel, woven mesh. It is fully magnetic which makes it infinitely adjustable. On the other hand, the Link Bracelet is crafted from the same stainless steel alloy as the Apple Watch case. Its links feature a simple release button which allows the user to add and remove links without any special tools. The Milanese Loop comes in silver, gold and space black while the Link Bracelet is only available in silver and space black.

There are many other watch bands and straps from third-party sellers and manufacturers that are being sold in online marketplaces. If Apple does not offer your preferred style or material, or is too expensive for you, there are other options to choose from.

Third-Party Nylon Bands

Clockwork Synergy Classic Nato Bands look and feel very similar to Apple’s own Woven Nylon but cheaper. It is very comfortable and lightweight and comes in many different designs. It gives a cute, casual look. The INTENY Sport Band is made of soft, breathable and lightweight high-quality nylon material. It is a good imitation of Apple’s nylon range. It attaches with a velcro and offers two years warranty. Southern Straps Nylon Band is one of the more affordable Apple Watch strap choices. They are durable and comfortable and comes with a five-year warranty. It boasts of handcrafted quality which ensures attention to detail. Southern Straps also offers leather straps.

Third-Party Leather Bands

Grovemade Leather Band is a casual, classy wrist band made of vegetable-tanned leather. It ages gracefully like nice leather does. The MIFA Leather Band gives the Apple Watch a classic, classy look. The 3mm thick strap is made of soft, genuine leather that closes with Anodized Black Stainless Steel Clasp crafted to match the black or space gray Apple Watch face. Alto's bands are another consideration for those who are not are not satisfied with Apple’s range of leather designs or are not willing to spend on Apple’s offerings. There are options for the two sizes and they are generally unisex-looking so the only thing you have to decide on is the color.

The Apple Watch Classic Buckle may have been phased out and exchanged for the Modern Buckle but there are still a couple of great dupes in the market. These bands give the same timeless beauty of the aptly named Classic Buckle. If you are looking to spend less on the original Classic Buckle look, try shopping online.

Third-Party Stainless Steel Bands

The Hoco Original Stainless Steel Strap Buckle is similar to Apple’s Link Bracelet, but definitely a lot cheaper. It is comfy and looks good. Speidel Twist-O-Flex is a stretch metal, stainless steel watch strap which is sweat and water resistant. It expands up to an additional 5 inches which eliminates the need for a buckle or any type of closure. Oittm Stainless Steel Metal Bands received good customer reviews.

Third-Party Sport Bands

Catalyst Sport Band when worn

Silicone bands are perfect for sweaty workouts and swimming. The Catalyst Sport Band for Apple Watch is made of super soft, hypoallergenic silicone. The Catalyst Sport Band features a triangular truss pattern that functions as the band’s closure. The arrangement of the pattern gives the user more range for fit. It also allows for maximum breathability. Another key feature of the Catalyst Sport Band is that it is lightweight at only 14g. Being breathable and lightweight are two characteristics that contribute to how this strap is deemed perfect for daily urban adventures.

This range comes in Stealth Black, Space Gray, Army Green and Blueridge x Sunset for both Apple Watch sizes while the colors Glacier Blue and Sunset are only available for the 42/44mm.

It comes with a quick release spring bar making it easy to change to your other Catalyst Apple Watch Waterproof and Impact Protection Cases.

Catalyst also offers another kind of strap that is compatible with the Catalyst 42mm Waterproof Apple Watch Case for Series 1, 2 and 3. These silicone watch bands do not have perforations like the Sports variant and are available in Army Green, Red Hot and Blueridge x Sunset. The Catalyst Watch Band boasts of premium quality silicone that is dust resistant.

Catalyst Waterproof Case and Watch Band in Stealth Black for 38mm/40mm Apple Watch

The kind of watchband that is suitable for sports and outdoor wear should be engineered for comfort fit while engaging in physical activities. These straps are often made from rugged synthetic polymers or silicone/silicone-type material. On the other hand, leather and stainless steel straps are best suited for formal looks. These dressy straps generally add finesse to a person’s overall look and embody a kind of classy, sophisticated fashion sense.

There are two other categories in terms of watch band style. Custom Watch Straps are bands that feature funky or personal designs to draw attention to your Apple Watch and are truly one-of-a-kind. Wood Watch Straps are handcrafted bands custom-made for the environmentally conscious who appreciate craftsmanship.

An example of a Custom Apple Watch Band is Case Station’s Chroma in Vivid. It is a unique, colorful design that will definitely make the owner’s Apple Watch pop. This brand allows you to customize your own design, too. However, the material they offer is limited to faux leather.

An example of Wood Apple Watch Strap is Epic Watch Bands’ Natural Wood Watch Band. It comes in five colors; Red x Black, Black, Black x Zebra, Zebra and Purple Heart. Each band is handcrafted from natural wood and varnished for a smooth finish. These handcrafted wood bands even come in an eco-friendly gift box.

Whether you are looking to buy an Apple Watch band for yourself or as a gift, there is definitely one out there that will meet your design preference and budget.

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