Coronavirus - Keeping you up to date

As a company with a global infrastructure, our shipping carriers operate all over the world, and coronavirus is having an impact on our business operations. We are monitoring the situation closely and taking steps to protect our employees and keep the business running as smoothly as possible. 

Strict controls - Some regions on lockdown 

What is the impact on delivery time?
In most countries that the virus has reached, local authorities have introduced strict controls to prevent the virus from spreading further. This is impacting our deliveries to and from the countries and regions affected. In some cases, all couriers have suspended collection, storage, and delivery services until further notice. Below contains the latest information about how the pandemic is affecting our services.

Standard Shipping

Hong Kong Post

Short delay - Subject to change in accordance to local regions postal restrictions, click here to find out more

Standard shipping suspended for certain countries due to reduction in flight frequencies, click here to find out more

Expedited Shipping


Short delay on shipments 1-2 business days. Subject to change, click here to find out more

Priority Shipping


Delay varies by region. Subject to change, click here to find out more


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any chance the virus can be transmitted via cardboard packaging while in transit?
There is no evidence to support the transmission of the virus through imported goods which has already been confirmed by US health officials and World Health Organization -

These viruses do not survive long enough for them to be present when a package or envelope arrives.