Catalyst Case for Healthcare

It's Your Job to Protect

Catalyst Disinfectable Cases for Apple Products are the
“PPE” for your Electronics
You’re the unsung hero in watching over your facility. That's why Catalyst Disinfectable Cases are your only choice for repeatedly cleaning, washing, disinfecting, and protecting your cases from drops.

Designate the “able” cases from Catalyst as Your Case of Choice

Washable and Disinfectable.
Catalyst Cases are Chemically Resistant & Our 'Total Protection' Line is Sealed and Chemically Resistant... Meaning you Can Wash Your Apple Devices & Stop the Spread of Germs.

Protect Yourself & Others with Catalyst Case.
- Available in volume case and pallet load purchasing options for your purchasing department
- Minimize Formite Transmissions
- Reduce shadowing and harboring of hidden infectious agents

We don’t recommend it – but they’re even Dropable.

Built For Hospitals, Physicians, Clinics, Pharmacies, Nursing Homes & Assisted Care Homes.

Solutions for Infection Preventionists, Purchasing Managers, and Hospital Attorneys

Good with major disinfectants

From Disinfectant Wipes to Disinfectant
Sprays, your Catalyst Cases perform with Major Disinfectants*

*See Whitepaper below for details

It has to say WaterPROOF

As an Infectious Disease Expert,
you know that washing with soap and water to remove organic material is a critical step.

Water resistant is not good enough.

Common Types of Infections by Facility

If you're a Healthcare Worker Responsible for these types of Facilities – You need a variety of disinfectants, and the Catalyst Case that can handle a wide range of cleaning protocols

Safety First - we've got you covered

Your role is essential for the hospital, facility, or health center's wellbeing.

Given the importance of electronic medical records, there is an unprecedented need for electronics in the healthcare facility workspace.

Electronics play a role in improving patient satisfaction, rounding, and tasks like ordering lunch and connecting with loved ones.

Offer the protection your caregivers and patients deserve.

Never worry about getting it wet or using hospital-grade disinfectants* you already have, to disinfect your cases.

*See Whitepaper below for details

Why Catalyst is the Preferred Case for Healthcare

•HAI Infections cost money, time and reputation

•Limit liabilities that may arise from HAIs that could involve legal ramifications

•Caregivers need added protection while administering electronic recordkeeping

•Rounding is increasingly using mobile app technology

•Minimize formite infections

•Simple, easy to follow disinfection

•Non-porous membranes to protect internal electronics

•Easy to use mute buttons.

•Glove grippable sides

Case Study: How Sunnybrook Hospital used Catalyst cases to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections  (HAI)

Case Study: How Sunnybrook Hospital used Catalyst cases to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)

SunnyBrook HSC, the biggest trauma hospital in Canada, was looking for solutions to use electronics to help patients, caregivers, and families connect in real-time when they were not able to in per...


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How can you safely disinfect your devices against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus?

How can you safely disinfect your devices against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus?

What is the best procedure to keep surfaces clean? You should clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces using an EPA-registered disinfectant on the EPA List N. It is important to regularly cl...

"We started virtual social visits conducted via
video chat on the iPads so they can stay
connected. The Catalyst iPad cases have really
supported this initiative.

We had to have the right cases or would not
have been able to use the devices."

- Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

"We like this design because everything is sealed so we can wipe it down with our cleaning products and disinfectants between patients and uses.

The Catalyst case is great because we’re able to directly clean them to prevent transmission of COVID.”

- Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre


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