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For hospitals, physicians, clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes, assisted care, our range of waterproof cases are available for iPhone, Apple Watch (for monitoring/patient compliance), iPads, AirTag, AirPods. 

Our cases are chemically resistant so they are washable using soap and water and cleanable using EPA approved disinfectants.

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Oil, Gas & Mining

For mining, construction, oil and gas and hazardous environments, our waterproof cases (for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirTag and AirPods) are fully sealed to keep out dust, dirt, grease, oil and can be certified by third party labs to prevent causing an explosion in some environments.

For your safety and security needs, our rugged cases protect against water, dust, impacts, drops and vibrations and have handy attachment points and accessories to go hands-free and prevent accidental drops or loss.

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Protect your Apple products from workplace accidents.

Drop-Proof tested against military standards, our cases can handle even the hardest drops. Plus, if it rains you're covered with our fully-waterproof 'Total Protection' line.

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Veterinarians & Pets

For vets, pet shops, shelters, and rescue organizations, our ultra rugged quick drying Dog Collar with Waterproof AirTag Clip-it case allows you to track your pet wherever you go and is pull tested to at least 30 kg.

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First Responders

For military, police, fire, EMS, and other first responders, our rugged Impact Protection iPhone Cases protect against drops, shocks, and scratches but are slim so they fit in your pocket.

With corner attachments built directly into the case, and a lanyard included, you can go hands-free and customize attachments for your environment.

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For schools, districts and administrators who want their devices to last and don’t want to spend to on expensive repairs, our Total Protection Cases fully protect your iPads & devices from water, drops and can be cleaned with EPA approved disinfectants.

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Travel & Hospitality

For golf, ski, kayak, resorts, tours, airport stores, hotels, restaurants, our Total Protection cases are built by adventure enthusiasts & made for adventure.

They fully seal out water, dirt & snow and have built in attachment points for accessories so you can customize using different attachments. Available for iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and iPad. 

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