Is Apple Watch Series 4 Waterproof?

The latest electronics and gadgets are mostly highly water-resistant. Albeit, no gadget has been proven to be completely, 100% waterproof; enhancements are always being made to newer gadgets to improve overall invulnerability to external factors or forces; e.g. water, dust, etc.

Apple, Watch, waterproof, water-resistant
Water-resistant Apple Watch (earlier series)

The Apple Watch Series 4 boasts of an entirely new design. According to, “Series 4 represents a fundamental redesign and re‑engineering of Apple Watch. From the curved corners of the larger, all‑new display to the architecture of the S4 chip, every detail has been thoughtfully considered. Apple Watch has always been a uniquely personal product. And now it’s even more powerful.” And this is why the manufacturer regards their new release to be a kind of transformation, more than a simple evolution or upgrade from the previous version.

Below is a list of key upgrades Apple made on its newest Apple Watch variant, the Series 4, based on their product overview:

  1. So far, among all the Apple Watches, the Apple Watch Series 4 has the largest Apple Watch display. According to the, the goal was to make the display bigger “without noticeably increasing the size of the case or compromising the battery life. Narrower borders enable a viewing area that’s over 30% larger, while a new display technology called LTPO improves power efficiency.”
  2. The new design provides “a better experience all the way round.” With its curved corners that match the perimeter of the case; it creates a more beautiful, continuous appearance. This new design also extends imagery and the touch surface to the furthest reaches of the screen.
  3. To maximize the new dimensions of the display screen, the entire interface has been redesigned to provide more detailed information with just a glance. “The new Infograph watch face can accommodate up to eight complications” providing more information in every millimetre.
  4. The Digital Crown, a breakthrough in its original conception, to provide an easy way to navigate on Apple Watch without obstructing the display, has been reborn in the Apple Watch Series 4. The mechanism has been totally re‑engineered with the Haptic feedback now delivering a precise, click‑like feel as you scroll. This is nothing short of “a miracle of miniaturisation” as one of the most intricate systems Apple has created, the Digital Crown on Apple Watch Series 4, adds even more capability into significantly less space. The entire assembly is 30% smaller, yet it includes 21% more components.
  5. The optical heart sensor has been part of Apple Watch from the earliest models. It allows the user to quickly check his/her heart rate. Now, in the Apple Watch Series 4, the optical heart sensor can also detect if the heart rate falls below a specified threshold for a period of 10 minutes when the user appears to be inactive. This triggers a low-heart-rate notification. Low heart rate can be a sign of bradycardia, a serious condition in which the heart is not pumping enough oxygen-rich blood to the body.
  6. The new Apple Watch has been optimised in every way as it has become more powerful yet even thinner than its predecessors. It is able to deliver up to 18 hours of battery life on a single charge. However, battery life varies by use, mobile coverage, configuration and many other factors; so actual results will vary.
  7. The all-new S4 chip is more than just a processor. “It’s a complete System in Package (SiP), with the entire system fabricated onto a single component.” This is how the Apple Watch is able to fit its amazing capabilities into a tiny space. The Apple Watch is the only product in the world that runs completely on a SiP. This fourth-generation CPU runs up to twice as fast as the previous series. The apps open more quickly and performance is boosted across the entire system.
  8. The Apple Watch Series 4 has a bigger and even more powerful speaker that is able to emit 50% louder sound compared to the Apple Watch Series 3 and older. The speaker provides dramatically improved audio quality and the microphone has also been relocated to the opposite side to reduce echo for clearer phone calls.

Because the Apple Watch Series 4 has been upgraded to be the user’s ultimate workout partner, it functions more like a “trainer that understands the ways you work out — from running to yoga to swimming — and puts every metric you need on your wrist.” This being the case, the Apple Watch Series 4 is able to maintain the same threshold of the Series 3 of water resistance in up to a depth of 50 meters or 180 feet. So, whether the user gets drenched in sweat or rain training for a marathon, or swimming laps at the pool, Apple Watch Series 4 continues to function, keeping track of the user and his physical activities using the various Apple Watch 4 apps. The device can track both pool and open-water workouts. Water from the speaker can be ejected by using a burst of sound that is triggered when turning the Digital Crown.


Apple Watch, workout, heart rate, heart monitor
Apple Watch, ultimate workout partner

So, is Apple Watch Series 4 waterproof? As mentioned, the Apple Watch Series 4 is sweat-, surf- and swim‑proof. It has a water resistance rating of 50 metres under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means that it may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or the ocean but Apple warns that the Apple Watch Series 4 should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing, or other activities involving high-velocity water or submersion below a shallow depth.

ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). The work of preparing International Standards is normally carried out through ISO technical committees. Each member body interested in a subject for which a technical committee has been established has the right to be represented on that committee. International organizations, governmental and non-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work. ISO collaborates closely with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) on all matters of electrotechnical standardization.

ISO 22810:2010 was prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 114, Horology, Subcommittee SC 3, Water-resistant watches.

Based on an ISO article: “The new ISO standard represents a win-win situation for both industry and consumers,” said Vincent Grossenbacher, Secretary of the subcommittee that developed the new standard.  “For the first time, manufacturers are free to choose the tests and sampling plan, on condition that the end product meets the requirements of ISO 22810. Consumers, on the other hand, gain guaranteed protection that any watch on the market sold as water-resistant must satisfy ISO 22810 – regardless of the brand.”


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Swimming with an ISO standard waterproof watch

“This first edition of ISO 22810 cancels and replaces ISO 2281:1990, which has been used by the industry since 1990 when it was first published by ISO. The new 2010 edition removes any ambiguities and brings the content up to date with state-of-the-art developments. ISO 22810 adopts not only a technical approach by giving a set of minimum requirements for water-resistant watches, but also seeks to give consumers useful information – precautions for use, notions of physics – and better all-round protection. It is expected to make a huge splash in the horology industry, ensuring timeless quality and continued customer satisfaction. ISO 22810 covers watches intended only for daily use and for swimming, while ISO 6425 covers watches that can be used while scuba diving.”

Apple Watch Series 4 is indeed a state-of-the-art electronic device that can well be worth its hefty price. If you want to better protect this investment, you should also invest in state-of-the-art protective accessories. Catalyst offers screen protection and protective watch cases for the Series 4.

Since the Apple Watch Series 4 is available in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, Catalyst offers protective products for both sizes. The Catalyst 2-pack TPU Screen Protector for the Apple Watch Series 4 is designed using precise laser cutting technology to ensure flawless coverage. The screen protector is, first and foremost, tough and scratch resistant. It is also flexible and thin, allowing it to conform to the shape of the Apple Watch screen. Its highly transparent and fingerprint resistant surface allows the user to enjoy the HD clarity of his device. It is easy to install with a cleaning cloth, dust removal sticker, and alcohol cleaning pad that adheres bubble-free and provides durable protection with the edges not peeling away.

screen protector, HD clear, TPU, PET, plastic, Apple Watch, 2 pack
Catalyst 2-Pack TPU Screen Protector for Apple Watch Series 4

The Catalyst Impact Protection Case for the Apple Watch is also available for both 40mm and 44mm watches. Just like the Apple Watch Series 4, the new Impact Protection case has not just evolved, it has been completely re-thought to match Apple’s newest smartwatch. The case still offers 9.9 feet or 3 meters of drop protection through a dual-layer construction incorporating Catalyst’s innovative truss cushioning system. This case features raised bezels to protect fully exposed watch components such as the display, optical heart rate sensor, and digital crown; keeping the device safe from bumps, knocks and drops. This new case comes with a matching watch band, creating a total package of protection and style. The user can also customize the look of his timepiece by changing the watch band. The Impact protection case is compatible with Catalyst’s wide selection of sport bands and other watch bands with a watch pin connector. Switching bands is easy because of the case’s quick release spring bar.

Fortunately for Apple Watch Series 4 44mm owners, the Catalyst waterproof watch case is already available. The Catalyst Waterproof Case for 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 is precision-engineered to perform beyond expectations. Now with 18% stronger housing compared to the case for the Series 3 watch, this new case offers better protection for the Apple Watch Series 4. This is the only Apple Watch case that offers complete, total, 360-degree protection while maintaining full functionality of the device. With an IP68 rating, waterproof protection can extend to up to a depth of 330 feet or 100 meters; and military standard 810G drop protection of up to 6.6 feet or 2 meters. It is fully sealed against water, dust, dirt, and snow with direct touch screen access making it perfect for all kinds of adventures. The raised bezel protects the screen from scratches and impacts. Catalyst’s patented True Sound Acoustic Technology™ allows audio to come through totally clear, complimenting the upgrade Apple made on the Series 4 Apple Watch speakers. The case features a hypoallergenic silicone band that is both durable and comfortable.

waterproof, water-resistant, protective case, Apple Watch
Catalyst Waterproof Case for 44mm Apple Watch Series 4

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