Catalyst Case for iPhone 6 Plus/ 6S Plus Technical Specifications

The Catalyst®
 case for iPhone 6 Plus is a fully covered and sealed waterproof case designed to meet or exceed the IP-68 waterproof standard to 5 meters (16.4 feet) and to meet or exceed MIL-STD 810G so the case helps protect your iPhone from drops and vibration.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Catalyst® case for iPhone 6 Plus only designed to work for the iPhone 6 Plus?

Yes, the Catalyst® case for iPhone 6 Plus is specifically designed for the iPhone 6 Plus.  It is not designed to work with any other electronic device.  This case is built so that all of the functionality of your iPhone 6 Plus is preserved and you can use this case as your everyday case.

2. How can I confirm my pre-order and delivery status for my iPhone 6 Plus case in Rescue Ranger or Green Pop?

Once you pre-order the Catalyst case for the iPhone 6 Plus in Rescue Ranger or Green Pop, we will send you an email confirming your pre-order. At the end of May or early June, we will ship the case using the delivery method you choose and send you an email with the tracking number for your shipment. You will also receive emails tracking the delivery status of your order.

3. How can I inform you of an address change for my pre-order?

Please send an email our customer service at and they can assist you.

4. When will accessories be available for the iPhone 6 Plus case?

After the iPhone 6 Plus case is launched, we have plans to produce accessories, but don't have a launch timeline to share right now. As always, the best way to stay in the loop on our latest news and product launches is to sign up for the Catalyst newsletter. 

5. What functions of the iPhone 6 Plus can I use while inside the Catalyst® case?

The Catalyst® case for iPhone 6 Plus is designed to maintain the functionality of the iPhone 6 Plus through the fully covered case so you will be able to use the touchscreen, Touch ID, home, on/off, volume and ringer/silent features, make and receive phone calls, listen to music and take photos or videos even in the dark and charge your device when using the iPhone inside the Catalyst case.

6. How can I take photos underwater using my iPhone 6 Plus inside the Catalyst® case?

While the Catalyst case is designed to protect the iPhone 6 Plus and its capacitive touchscreen, the touchscreen of the iPhone will not work when submersed in a conductive liquid such as water (as it cannot distinguish your finger from the surrounding water). To take photos or videos when underwater, you can use the volume up button as your camera shutter.  

7. Can I use a screen protector on my iPhone 6 Plus with my Catalyst® case? 

No, The case already protects the touchscreen while allowing full functionality. We do not advise that you use a screen protector as you will have better response from the touch screen if you use the case without an additional screen protector. In some instances, some protectors may be too thick and affect the ability to seal or close the case.  

8. Can I charge my iPhone 6 Plus from inside the Catalyst® case? 

Yes, the Catalyst® case for iPhone 6 Plus features a plug for the charge door which allows you to easily open the plug, insert your Lightning cable and charge your iPhone inside the case. Although we have designed the port to be as large as possible, some third party Lightning cables may not fit.

9. Can you tell me more about the IP-68 waterproof rating and MIL-SPEC testing on the Catalyst® case for iPhone 6 Plus?

The Catalyst® case for iPhone 6 Plus is designed to comply with an IP-68 waterproof rating at 5 Meters (16.4 feet) for 30 minutes and military standards for drops and shocks. Our guidelines for designing the Catalyst® case are the standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense (MIL-STD-810G) for shock, drop, and vibration, and by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEL 60529 standard) for Ingress Protection from water and dust for enclosures. As part of our quality control processes, each unit is also pressure tested to ensure that it is waterproof so that each Catalyst® case that is shipped out has passed stringent industry standard tests before a customer receives his case.

When properly assembled, the Catalyst® case will perform flawlessly in any environment, from hanging out in and around the pool to staying connected in the middle of a typhoon. It is important to be reasonable in how you utilize this case to protect your iPhone from water. It is not recommended for extended periods of deep submersion for activities such as scuba diving or surfing in heavy waves. To avoid disappointment, use your Catalyst case responsibly and make sure that you follow all basic care and maintenance instructions including making sure that the seals are all clean and properly assembled and water testing your case after drops. 

10. How can I tell if the Catalyst® case for iPhone 6 Plus is sealed watertight when I close it?

Follow all instructions and do a water test before you use your Catalyst® case for the first time, before using it underwater, or after a drop or impact, do a watertest. If you see air bubbles coming from your case when underwater, remove the case from the water & inspect where the bubbles originated to see if the case is damaged or not closed properly. If the o-ring is misaligned, twisted, dirty or damaged, or the plug is not fully closed until flush with the bottom, or the case is damaged, it may not be waterproof.  If there is any small grain of sand or hair that might disrupt the seal of the o-ring, this may affect the degree of waterproofness of your case. Clean any hair, lint, or dust on the o-ring or on the plug by washing with water.  You can also clean the o-ring groove on the case back using a Q-tip. 

11. What can I expect in terms of sound quality when making a phone call?

Your iPhone 6 Plus will be fully covered inside a polycarbonate shell with thin membranes that allow the transfer of sound in and out of the case. You will be heard clearly and can clearly hear others through the case. You can make hands-free calls using your Apple headphones or a Bluetooth headset. Alternatively you can use the waterproof headphone adapter to connect other headsets.  

If you notice a change in volume in your earpiece or the person on the other line feels that you are not loud and clear, you may have a pressure imbalance inside your case. To solve this, simply open your Charge Port to allow the pressure to equalize. You will notice an immediate increase in volume and clarity.