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The Best Waterproof iPhone Case Review

"I loved my experience with the Catalyst products and I know you will too. Catalyst offers protective cases for just about every iPhone that is still in the market, and even has a cool solution to keep your Apple Watch safe. Check out all the products on the site and keep your iPhone safe from all your reckless behavior!” - Dave Nicolanti/2wired2tired.com

How To Pack Beach Bag
"The beach is the sworn enemy of all smartphones, but with the right waterproof case, you’ll worry a little less. The Catalyst Case is waterproof for up to 5 meters, and holds up to the military standard drop test (which is a real thing, and it’s about 6-foot off the ground). You still look like an uptight goon when you check your phone at the beach, but at least you’ve got the right case.” - Dan Bergstein/mode.com

OWA Reviews: Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 6 Case
“The Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 6 case is a solution to my woes when I take my phone outside. I love that it's super slim, yet crazy durable and definitely recommend it for your adventures.“ - Laurie Tewksbury/outdoorwomensalliance.com
"I honestly don’t know how people have iPhones unprotected or with minimal protection because I’m constantly dropping this phone — luckily only a few times on hard pavement or concrete surfaces. Regardless of the drops, the case shows very little in the way of wear and tear and the phone functions like a charm.” - Jason Mitchell/feedthehabit.com
"Apple lovers, rejoice: your technology can now go anywhere with Catalyst Lifestyle’s new covers for the iPhone and Apple watch. A lightweight, shock-absorbing, and completely waterproof case allows the Apple watch to come along for any swim workout, and iPhones are protected from rainy runs and sweaty jersey pockets while still remaining fully functional.” -  Susan Lacke/competitor.com
“The first of its kind, Catalyst’s fully functional waterproof case for Apple Watch is a premium product built with style and industry-leading protection. The screen-less housing gives users unhindered access to the touchscreen and the ultra slim profile compliments Apple’s sleek design.” - Twatchin/twatchin.com
“There are waterproof cases for just about everything these days, so why not one for the Apple Watch? And leading the charge to market is accessory maker Catalyst Lifestyle.” - Greg Gazin/canoe.com
“Despite the fact that the Apple Watch has tried and true resistance against water, Apple still claims that the Apple Watch is only IPX7 water resistant. The Apple Watch has been widely acclaimed to be capable of handling much more water than Apple seems to stand behind. Nonetheless, Catalyst, a popular waterproof iPhone and iPad case company, is now introducing its first Apple Watch case, which is also waterproof.” - Anthony Bouchard/modmyi.com 
“…the case leaves all the watch’s functions intact (heart rate sensors, charging dock, touchscreen, microphone and speaker), the result could very well make the Apple Watch a useful purchase for rangers, fisherman and plenty of other workers out in the wild.” - Nick Milanes/gearpatrol.com 
“Catalyst, whose waterproof cases for iPhones come highly rated by customers and tech journalists, has introduced a line of waterproof cases for the Apple Watch. The cases were designed to accommodate all the sensors on the watch’s underside, including the charging connector and health tracker functions. The case can even work with the watch’s rotating crown dial.” Isenze/irumorsnow.com
"Catalyst has unveiled the world’s first waterproof case for the Apple Watch, designed to meet or exceed IP68 standards for waterproof protection and MIL SPEC standards for drop protection.” - iClarified/iclarified.com

“Importantly, the added water and drop protection does not come at the cost of device access. Users can operate the touchscreen display normally, while pushers and a special rotating crown offer access to Watch's physical controls. There are also ports for speaker output and microphone input, key features that enable voice calls, alerts, haptics and more.” - AppleInsider Staff/iapplefan.com
“Accessory fully protects the gadget from damage caused by ingress of moisture. Dressed in such a case the device will comply with the IP68 standard – maximum protection according to this classification, meaning full ingress and ability to withstand prolonged immersion in water under pressure.” -  AppleApple.Top World News/appleapple.top

Catalyst Apple Watch Case is World's First IP68 Certified Waterproof Case
“Accessory maker Catalyst says that it’s created the world’s first waterproof Apple Watch case that meets or exceeds IP68 standards, meaning it can withstand liquid beyond 3 meters.” - Abdel Ibrahim/ watchaware.com
“This rugged case is one of my favorites—and for good reason! It boasts one of the slimmest, least bulky designs of any heavy-duty case I’ve reviewed. Yet the Catalyst manages to deliver the most impressive protection when compared with its closest competitors.” - Siva Om/ iphonelife.com
“The Urbasm team was introduced to the Catalyst iPhone system a couple months ago, and I can honestly say this is one of the most adventure ready kits I have seen. The case itself is incredibly strong and water-proof, but it doesn’t bother adding thick silicone around the outside or extra large edges, as it has been designed to maintain the size and integrity of your original iPhone (plus a few centimeters, of course).” - Eric J. Leech/urbasm.com

Battle of the Waterproof Cases: Wetsuit Vs. Catalyst
“Any case going up against the Catalyst has a daunting challenge ahead of it. The Catalyst is an exceptionally good case, with a sleek and slim profile, a lightweight construction, and impressive torture test stats. I've used the Catalyst case as my go-to case for reliable waterproof protection for years now and it's earned my respect through extensive field testing.” - Siva Om/iPhonelife.com

    It’s been refreshing to worry less about our stupidly advanced and expensive phones. Better yet, it’s been wonderful knowing my phone is protected while I take it surfing or paddleboarding on the river. Plus, I can use the camera in the water!” - SUPPDX/ suppdx.com

The Best Gear for All of Your Outdoor Adventures
“Nothing ruins a camping trip or kayaking adventure faster than dropping your phone in the water. And while you’ll certainly still want to avoid that situation even with this case, it’s nice to have the added peace of mind.” - Rachel Grice/livestrong.com

The World Is Your Office
“When I’m walking a ton and need to remove some weight from my carryall, my secret weapon is the Waterproof Sleeve. This ultrathin, waterproof sleeve comes in three sizes, can be worn three ways and has a removable foam lining. Whether I’m at trade shows, conferences or enduring a meeting-packed day, this sleeve is a must.” - Trae Bodge/retailmenot.com

“With a simple waterproof case, you can easily turn your iPhone into a perfect underwater camera that can capture your kids playing in the pool, an interesting dive in the ocean, and much more.” - IOS Rumors/iosrumor.com

“The Catalyst Rescue Ranger is the only case that I tested that was built to meet military specifications. Surprisingly though, it doesn’t add much in terms of overall size or weight to the phone itself.” - Nick LeFort/gearinstitute.com

Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone Review
"If you have an active/outdoor lifestyle, then the Catalyst Waterproof Case should definitely be on your short list since it offers a great balance between aesthetics, functional ease of use, and protection." - Blaine B./ loadedpocketz.com

Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 6 [Review]
“This is one of the most attractive, waterproof adventure cases I’ve ever seen. It’s quite slim for a case of this type and doesn’t make the iPhone 6 feel bulky at all. I also like the fact that the entire rear panel is transparent so much of your iPhone will still show through. This is one tough case that doesn’t want to hide the iPhone’s original looks.” - Samuel Huang/gstylemag.com

Summer essentials: Hands-on with the Catalyst waterproof iPhone 6 case
“Now, when the case is in place you get full and responsive use of the volume/home buttons as well as the mute switch via the aforementioned rotating crown. A rubber flap protects the speakers, headphone jack and Lightning port, which you can pull back for access. Surprisingly, the speakers still sound pretty good when the protective flap is in place.” - Kirk Hiner/technologytell.com

The Best Beach Bags for the Hamptons—And What to Pack in Them
“Snap crystal clear pictures of your kids playing in the ocean—without damaging your iPhone. The Catalyst case can be submerged in water up to 16.4 feet, so you can splash, cannonball, even dive down, without worry.” - Jennifer Kamm/hauteliving.com

Don’t Sink Your Investment — Get a Waterproof Smartphone Case
“These cases are laudably slim given their ability to resist water intrusion (even in pools and oceans), and they’re decidedly un-ugly — an unusual trait in the world of rugged cases. Best of all, the cases keep things sealed up while still providing access to switches, buttons, and the entire screen, so you won’t have to pop your phone in and out to use it away from water.” - Darren Murph/ GearPatrol.com

“Seriously, if you’re a traveler and find yourself chilling on the beach, relaxing by a pool or skiing down a mountain, the Catalyst case is your iPhone’s new best friend.” -Trevor Morrow/TrevorMorrowTravel.com

Protect your iPhone 6 from spills, splashes, and submersion with one of these 15 cases
“You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than this case from Catalyst, if you need something that can genuinely handle a dunk. “ - Simon Hill/Digital Trends

An Interview with Catalyst on Designing the Perfect Waterproof iPhone Case
“The Catalyst case isn't just one of my favorite cases available for the iPhone, it's one of the best, equaling or surpassing its closest competition in the rugged, waterproof case arena.” - Siva Om/iPhone Life

The Best Waterproof iPhone 6 case (Comparison Review)
“In terms of water protection, there is one clear winner which is the Catalyst since it provides water protection up to depths of 5m or 16.4 ft. All the other cases provide water protection up to 2m or 6.6 ft.”

Review: Catalyst for iPhone 6 – Offers protection for your active lifestyle at reasonable price

"I am now using the Catalyst as my primary case and love the type of protection it offers for my lifestyle. I love being able to see the color of my phone, and having it hang on my wrist like a wristlet." - Sarah Guarino / 9to5mac.com

Catalyst's waterproof iPhone case
“Catalyst's waterproof iPhone case is the first high performance case I've seen that doesn't have the big bulky look; it's like a regular everyday case.”   -Gregg Ellman / Courier-journal.com

Catalyst waterproof case (for iPhone 6)
"Based on my experience with the case, I can highly recommend it as a lightweight and low bulk, yet robust protection for your phone, keeping it safe from the elements on your adventures. Several color schemes to choose from and a range of add-on accessories and spare parts should cover all your needs and preferences."

Just In: Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 6
"With a fully-covered screen, the Catalyst case enables access to all Control Center functions and sits flat against the screen for a more consistent experience compared to the LifeProof cases I’ve tested."

CES 2015: Rugged Gear Highlights
"The Catalyst case for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus is my current favorite of the waterproof case offerings for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus series. It's sleek form factor and minimalist design make for an understated case that barely takes away from the elegantly and stylish craftsmanship of your iPhone. In addition to looking great, the Catalyst offers the best and most extreme protection of any full-time-use waterproof and rugged iPhone case you will find, surpassing its closest competition in terms of drop protection, waterproof depth, impact resistance, and debris intrusion. They are also some of the most affordably priced cases, especially considering their caliber!"

Cute Winter Running Gear to Bust Your "It's Too Cold to Run" Excuse
"Catalyst iPhone cases provide serious water protection (they can be submerged up to 16 feet!) without making your phone the weight of a brick. Because, if you wanted to run with a hand weight, you’d bring one."

Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 6
"It is remarkably light. What I really like about this case is that it is easy to hold on to, it's easy to grip and it does not add a huge amount of bulk to the iPhone."

An Interview with Catalyst on Designing the Perfect Waterproof iPhone Case
"The Catalyst case isn't just one of my favorite cases available for the iPhone, it's one of the best, equaling or surpassing its closest competition in the rugged, waterproof case arena."

Protect your iPhone 6 from Spills, Splashes, and Submersion with one of these 11 cases
"You’ll also be able to use your iPhone 6 while it’s in the case and that includes the touchscreen, Touch ID, and the physical buttons."

Take Underwater Video Of Humpback Whales With Your iPhone Using The Waterproof Catalyst Case
"Through a number of lab and field tests they’ve taken their cases far beyond the depth limits the company advertises. As well as launching new waterproof cases with industry leading performance, they have also launched a host of accessories for their cases and new line of waterproof sleeves for laptops and tablets. People aren’t just using Catalyst cases to film humpback whales. Customers have submitted stories, photos, and video using the cases to freedive in the Red Sea, swim with sharks in Japan, hike in the Adirondacks and play in backyard pools."

CES 2015 Recap: Creative Cases
"Protective and/or fashionable cases are always well represented at CES, but some that stood out include the following: Catalyst is making a name for themselves in waterproof, everyday cases for iPhones and iPads. They had been providing cases to Griffin, but now they are out on their own. The remarkable achievement is their full support for Touch ID in a slim, affordable (around $70) waterproof case. I like that the rear of the Catalyst is clear, so you can see that Apple logo and fancy gold color if that's what you went with!"

Film with the fishes — underwater — with this waterproof iPhone case
"Taking your company phone underwater requires a very big leap of faith, because I would have had to reimburse my employer hundreds of dollars if the case had failed. But wonder of wonders, inside the case it stayed perfectly dry and took very sharp video — documentary quality — that makes me want to try it while snorkeling."

Keep your iPhone safe with the Catalyst Waterproof Case
"The Catalyst Waterproof Case fits like a glove and feels like you’re rocking just the phone by utilizing a super slim, lightweight design (38 grams/1.34 oz). On top of that, this bad boy is completely waterproof up to 5 meters (16.4 feet) and meets military drop standards up to 2 meters (6.6 feet), crucial features for a price tag of only $64.99."

iPhone Photos and Videos from the Water to the Slopes
"This little baby has changed my relationship with my iPhone for good. One huge benefit of turning your iPhone into a waterproof camera is that all your favorite photography apps are available right away. These photos were taken and edited using the Camera+ iPhone app.  Collages were assembled and shared on Facebook within minutes. Catalyst makes a waterproof case for all models of the iPhone and a brilliant floating lanyard accessory that attaches to the case. I didn’t even know how useful it would be to have a floating lanyard until I had one. It prevents your phone from falling when you are in a precarious situations. Such as when you’re on a ski lift or riding down at breakneck speed trying to video your daredevil honey zipping down the mountain. If it falls into water, it will float. Think of how “nice” it would be to dive into an icy lake to retrieve your iPhone while paddle boating with a rowdy toddler. Next, think of all the amazing photos you’ve missed because you wanted to protect your $999 iPhone."

Adventure-Proof Your iPhone with Catalyst's New Touch ID Compatible, Waterproof Case
"The newest waterproof iPhone 5/5s case from Catalyst is an awesome protective case, one that provides a higher level of waterproof protection than most of its closest competition. Add in its impressive shock protection and great acoustics, and this becomes one of my favorite extreme-duty protective cases that money can buy."

Rugged Gear Roundup: The Latest Abuse-Proof Headphones, Speakers and iPhone Cases
"Its sleek and slim profile add little in the way of extra bulk to the iPhone. The way it fully reveals the iPhone's front and back sides lets the inherent elegance and beauty of the iPhone shine through. I have personally beat the heck out of my iPhone with it in this case and I am happy to say both iPhone and case are still in excellent condition."

Review: Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 5/5s
"Coming in at a much lower price point than most, yet offering the same functionality, Catalyst’s Waterproof Case earns our high recommendation. It’s a great choice that implements the features well, without skimping to make up for the cost."

Review: Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s
"In terms of protection from knocks and drops, the Catalyst Waterproof provides excellent, all round protection. If your iPhone was to take a tumble, knock or drop, you can rest assured that the case provides significant protection."

Review: Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s
"Bottom line: What I liked best about the $64.99 Catalyst Case (besides the blue color which I found niftier than the white, orchid or black that is available) is that it’s thin compared to other cases that provide the protection that its specs holler out. I could still fit it inside my jeans pocket so I didn’t have to change how I normally use the iPhone. I think others will find this just as important too."

Review: Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s
"Designed to be your case for everyday life and ready for all of your adventures, this fully functional all weather case is the ultimate in protection."

Review: Catalyst waterproof case / belt clip / laptop sleeve
"The back of the case is completely transparent, which allows the design of the iPhone itself to shine through…something that a lot of rugged cases overlook."
"Another feature of the Catalyst Case that makes this case a no-brainer for me is that although there is a piece of protective plastic in front of the iPhone screen, I felt almost zero difference between using the touch screen with the case and without. This is another huge improvement over many of the rugged iPhone cases out there today."

Gear Review: Catalyst Waterproof iPhone Case
"....it took crystal-clear photos. A hard-coated optical lens maintains the smartphone camera’s image quality... I can definitely recommend this case if you are around water or out in the elements."

Review: Catalyst Waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s
"If you've ever fallen (or been pushed) into the pool with your phone still in your pocket, or dropped it on the ground only to pick up a cracked and splintered screen, then you know the agony of seeing your phone's untimely demise. As a result, phone cases have become the norm—if not essential—and few people are meeting the standard that Catalyst is setting."

Product Spotlight: Catalyst waterproof sleeves
"Catalyst has unveiled a line of protective waterproof sleeves that accommodate tablets and laptops, or even just documents and books. The Catalyst Waterproof Sleeve uses a minimal design aesthetic that complements any setting, casual or formal, and is perfect for students walking to class or employees commuting to work."

New products: Sleeves keep gadgets dry
"If you travel with a laptop or tablet, you might have some common fears: Maybe that small bottle of shampoo in your briefcase is going to leak and gunk up your devices, or you'll get caught in a downpour as you walk to some business engagement while toting your gear. A line of protective waterproof sleeves from Catalyst Lifestyle is designed to protect against such mishaps."

Catalyst Waterproof Sleeve (13"-15" Laptop) Review
"I can say with confidence, however, that The Catalyst Sleeve's waterproof rating definitely holds up in a real world environment as I have been taking it to the pool deck with me every morning as my new man purse. By the time I get out of the water, the bag is completely drenched, but everything inside is cozy and dry, including my iPad Mini, iPhone, wallet, and keys. Ruggedness limitations aside, this bag does exactly what it claims to do; and does it well. Lastly, for those who need to travel with their hands free, the Waterproof Sleeve comes with removable backpack straps, which are fully adjustable."

Experimenting with Catalyst Waterproof Sleeves
"I quickly submerged it completely underwater for about five seconds and then immediately opened it without drying the outside of the bag first. And it was still completely dry, not one drop of water got inside. I don’t suggest that though, obviously completely submerging your computer underwater is never recommended (be safe with those electronics), but so far, this bag has kept our laptops, gym items, and even a piece of paper completely dry on various occasions. It’s also so super thin and lightweight, but still really thick and durable, so you can take it anywhere, it adds no extra weight, but can take a thrashing, even when hiking. This is also perfect to have when walking in the rain and snow, especially when you can never count on good weather (better safe than sorry with your electronics)."

Review: Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s
"Like the best everyday cases, it’s slim and slight, but more rugged and durable than any other everyday case available. It’s not just a case you’ll never need to take off- it’s a case you’ll never want to take off! Waterproof- sure. But a Catalyst Case also protects against vomit, impacts, mud, snow and grease. And did you know that your cell phone is one of the dirtiest objects you come into contact with on a daily basis? With a Catalyst Case, you can wash your or your kid’s phone every day!"

Review: Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s
"It’s actually pretty amazing. The cover allows you use your phone pretty normally thanks to the thin film on the front, which enables you to access and slide with your finger. .... I could use the side buttons to take photos and then come up to the surface to do any swiping. Catalyst also offers a hand tether, which I found really useful and gave me piece of mind that I wouldn’t lose my phone into the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean. Another thing I liked about the Catalyst is that it’s really slim so I could easily put it in my pocket."

iPhone 5s case review: Take your iPhone underwater with Catalyst!
"The verdict – it works! And I LOVE it! It is a very practical solution for days when we are heading to the beach, or anywhere near or in the water.  The Catalyst case is not only designed to be waterproof to 5 meters (16.4 ft) and to meet military standards for drops up to 2 meters (6.6 ft)."

Review: iPhone 4 case & waterproof laptop sleeve
"I slide my Chromebook, my Iphone, and my car keys down in the bag, just in time for a heavy heavy downpour.   Guess what?  My Chromebook, my phone, and my car keys were nice and dry, but I was DRENCHED.  Now any time my Chromebook leaves the house, as does my waterproof sleeve!"

Review: Catalyst waterproof iPhone 4/4s case
"I loved being able to take pictures of the kids without worrying about the ocean spray.  I can’t wait to take underwater photos at the pool.  I only wish I’d gotten the case sooner… it would’ve been awesome for the trip we took to Great Wolf Lodge in June."

iPhone 4s case reivew: Mom Proof Case
"...it is perfect for my life. It is a hard, slim shell, water proof, works with my touch screen and even covers the camera part. I’ve been using the case for 3 weeks and have dropped it (more times than I like to admit) and my phone is in good shape! Even when my kids had a water balloon fight, I was able to snap pictures and not worry about the phone getting wet."

Japnese Review: Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s

Japnese Review: Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s
「Catalyst Case for iPhone 5s/5」は、防水と防塵の国際規格である「IP試験」で最高の等級を表す“IP-68”を取得し、水の浸入を保護する等級として最高レベルの「8級」を 実現。具体的に言うと最大5mまでの水中で使用が可能という、まさに最高峰の保護レベルを擁する。

Japanese Review: Catalyst waterproof case for iPhone 5/5s
完全密封されているとはいえ、どこからか水が入っちゃってiPhoneをダメにしちゃうんじゃなかろうか? と思い。なので、最初はiPhoneを水中に落とさないように、写真を撮りつつ楽しんでいたのですが…。

German Review: Wasserdichte iPhone-Hülle mit Touch-ID im Praxis-Test
"Die neue Catalyst-Hülle hat mich überzeugt und eignet sich für alle Outdoor-Aktivitäten, in denen das iPhone Wasser, Schmutz oder gefährlichen Situation ausgesetzt sein könnte. Sei es beim Surfen, beim Schwimmen, beim Mountenbiken oder beim Klettern – überall macht die wasserdichte Catalyst-Hülle für das iPhone 5 und 5s eine perfekte Figur."

German Review – Catalyst Waterproof – Wasserdichtes Sleeve für das iPad Air

"Das Catalyst Waterproof Sleeve für das iPad Air ist schön dünn gehalten und wird aus robustem Nylon hergestellt. Neben einem gepolsterten iPad Air Fach bekommt noch zwei weitere Fächer für flachere Gegenstände. Die Möglichkeit das Sleeve zu einem Rucksack oder Umhängetasche umzufunktionieren, hat uns ebenfalls sehr gut gefallen. Die Ausarbeitung mit einer transparenten Folie von innen und der Druckverschluss machen das Case dicht und runden das sportliche Sleeve optimal ab. Wenn man viel unterwegs ist und das iPad bei sämtlichen Wetterbedingungen schützen will, dann kann ohne Bedenken zum Catalyst Waterproof Sleeve zugreifen."

German Review: Catalyst Waterproof case fur iPhone im Test
"Wieder zurück am Strand bleibt das iPhone einfach im Case. Warum herausnehmen? Es lässt sich ja alles auch so bedienen und ohne Wassertropfen auf dem Display sogar mit der gewohnten Präzision. So wird das Catalyst Waterproof Case zum perfekten Begleiter für den ganzen Urlaub. So gesehen dann also tatsächlich ”The only case you’ll ever need.”

German Review: Catalyst Case, Robuste und wasserdichte iPhone-Hülle
"Der Markt für wasserdichte iPhone-Hüllen verzeichnet einen Neuzugang. Mit dem Catalyst Case hat sich ein neues robustes Case mit verschiedenen Zubehöroptionen einen Platz in den Regalen der deutschen Zubehörhändler gesichert."

Polish Review: Catalyst Waterproof - podwodna-frajda
Skoro kwestie techniczne mamy już za sobą, jesteście pewnie ciekawi, jak ta obudowa sprawdza się w akcji. Jednym słowem – wyśmienicie! Oczywiście zanim włożyłem tam telefon, zamknąłem obudowę i włożyłem ją do miski z wodą. Gdy się upewniłem, że nic nie przedostaje się do środka, postanowiłem przejść do prawdziwych testów. W tym celu zabrałem obudowę nad jezioro, gdzie wybrałem się z rodziną i grupką przyjaciół.