AirPods Pro, Pros and Cons

AirPods Pro, Pros and Cons

Are you looking for exceptional wireless earbuds with noise cancellation feature? It seems like Apple AirPods standout the rest after being released.

 There’s no doubt that they have better features compared to the other versions of Apple.

What are some of Airpods Pro features?

AirPods Pro are great earbuds because they have great features. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Audio transparency mode

If you are planning to buy the AirPods to help you in making calls, they will also help improve call quality and transparency mode. As a user, you can now hear what’s happening around you while the AirPods are on your ears.

This happens because there is an audio on the external microphone. It combines that with what you are listening to.

If someone talks to you while you are wearing your AirPods Pro, you can still hear them. It’s therefore great for cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Active noise cancelling

Nothing is better than having ear buds that block external noise that might interrupt what you are trying to listen to. The Air pods pro have active noise cancelling feature.

 This is possible through a combination of a microphone, hardware and software that monitor external sounds and blocks them. You can no longer get irritated with repetitive external sounds like moving cars, airplanes and buzz.

There is a secondary internal microphone that also cancels internal sounds by listening inside your ear.

  • Wind-proofed mic

The reason why this AirPods Pro cancel external noise is that they have a microphone located outside.

The mesh microphone is expanded, and this improves its quality. You can now use it when going out without with ease.

Harsh weather shouldn’t be an issue any more as they are wind-proofed whether it’s going to be a sunny, windy or a rainy day.

  • Apple H1 Chip

The Airpods have been baked with Apple H1 Chip. This system can handle everything. It also has ten audio cores to ensure noise cancellation and low latency.

Through the H1 Chip, you can set it up with a Mac, iPad and iPhone.

  • Force sensor

 The original AirPods had a tapping gesture, and they were rather strange. Fortunately, current AirPods have a force sensor that tends to replace the tapping gesture.

 You don’t need a lot of pressure to activate it. Squeeze them once to play and or pause music. Long holding it changes the mode to transparency from noise cancelling.

You can as well squeeze them if you would like to move to the next song. If you press it three times, it will go back.

  • Sweat-resistant

Are you planning to go to a gym with your AirPods Pro on your ears? Or maybe you would like to go out on a sunny day and have some fun with your Air pods on your ears.

No worries. AirPods are resistant to sweat. You can, therefore, use it in any activity or environment without fear of destroying them with sweat.

  • USB-C

Just like the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the iPhone 11 Pro, AirPods Pro have USB-C. If you own the Apple latest hardware, this would be a great feature.


Are the new Air Pods pro worth it?

There is a current release of wireless headphones from Apple called AirPods Pro. You might be wondering whether they deserve their upgrade.

Well, this is what we have to say about them.

The latest AirPods Pro are worth it because you can easily pair them and they also have an H1 chip. You can as well switch easily between Apple devices.

However, the fast pairing benefits only work for those with Apple devices. If you have other devices, it will pair, but like the way, it does with different Bluetooth ear buds.

These Apple AirPods Pro tend to have lower latency than Bluetooth. It makes visuals and sounds more orchestrated.

Apple website shows that the new AirPods have a half more talk time.


How safe are the AirPods?

You might be wondering whether the AirPods Pro are safe. There have been so many discussions on social media about them. Some have even gone as far as saying that they cause cancer.

However, those are just opinions based on their thoughts.

The truth is that the Apple AirPods are safe and convenient to use. However, you might be wondering whether putting small transmitters in your ears makes you prone to get cancer.


What do experts say about the safety of wireless ear buds?

There hasn’t been enough research on long-term exposure to wireless technologies and microwave radiation. Dr Devra Lee Davis of Environmental Health Trust says there is no enough roofs regarding safety.

The Dr Kenneth Foster of University of Pennsylvania, on the other hand, says that he doesn’t know any advisory from health agencies that these devices expose us to health risk.

 Instead, he says that all ear buds in the US market have been tested to meet the limits of FCC radiation exposure.

Should you wear the Air pods pro or not

AirPods Pro are safe, and you shouldn’t be worried about getting cancer or other health issues. You can wear your Air Pods Pro but don’t overdo it.

Avoid wearing them for a long time. It is safer to use AirPods Pro to receive calls than putting your phone directly to your ears.



  • Great audio quality
  • Long battery life
  • Modern design
  • Comes with a portable charging case
  • Have an excellent noise cancellation technology



  • Quite costly
  • Lack of companion app


You can now enjoy your gym sessions with your AirPods Pro on your ears. They are great and have excellent noise cancellation technology.

 It would help if you were thinking of getting AirPods Pro because besides cancelling external noise, they cancel internal noise that might distract you. However, use them moderately to stay safe.

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