About Us

About Catalyst Lifestyle Ltd

Catalyst is a lifestyle accessories brand founded by adventure enthusiasts Josh Wright & June Lai to create innovative products that inspire people to go outside, experience adventure and connect with nature.  As avid climbers and surfers, our values are to stay true to our roots, encourage people to explore, have fun outside, connect with others in our global community, and from a design perspective, to create products that are fun, pure and functional. Above all, we want to always be guided by our emotional connection to things that matter to us and our community.

The genesis of Catalyst began with our desire to make great products that we would love to use.  We started in the waterproof space out of sheer interest.  After extensive product development we launched our first waterproof iPhone case on Kickstarter called the EscapeCapsule.  After being successfully crowd funded by an amazing community of backers, we have since been engaged in the relentless pursuit to innovate and improve upon our creation to bring you the best waterproof case on the market.  Our new product is the culmination of everything that Catalyst is.  We are committed to creating iconic products that enable you to stay connected no matter what your environment. 

Stay tuned, there are much more to come.  :-)

Catalyst's Partnership with Survivor

The Survivor + Catalyst partnership brings together Catalyst Lifestyle’s innovative design & development team in consumer lifestyle accessories with Griffin Technology's unsurpassed 20 years of experience as one of the most established companies in the iOS accessory space, to bring the world’s best waterproof cases and related accessories to the market, that are superior in design, quality, functionality, and usability.

                                                Explore. Dream. Discover.


How we got started on Kickstarter

Catalyst began working on waterproof cases when there were no choices available for avid outdoor enthusiasts. As individuals, we both could not find anything that we liked or that fit our lifestyle.  

We started to develop the EscapeCapsule for the iPhone 4 based on our own needs and then chose to launch the EscapeCapsule on www.kickstarter.com.  The video was entirely written and filmed by us on our iPhones inside prototypes of the EscapeCapsule.  

Kickstarter was a pretty amazing experience for us.  Within the first week of being launched, we were written up first in TechCrunch and then Gadget.com, Techfever.net, gayakuman, Coolest Gadgets, Geek.com, Crnchy, BoomerTechRadio, iPhoneinCanada.ca, SpicyTricks, and tech podcast called "Just the Tech" to name a few.  The article from TechCrunch spread like wildfire to other online sites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook and we found the story translated into Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.  The EscapeCapsule was also featured on MacMagazine in Brazil on their YouTube channel.

Our Kickstarter project was an amazing and inspiring experience for us.  The positive comments and support that poured in from around the world kept us going even when we were running on empty. A lot has happened since we first pressed the button to launch that fateful late night.  Since the EscapeCapsule has been in the hands of our supporters and customers, the thing that inspires us the most is seeing the pictures and videos that people from around the world have been sharing with us of their adventures, from exotic waterfalls, to snorkeling in the ocean, to hanging out in the pool with their kids.

Josh Wright & June Lai